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29/11/2023Notice for Outsourcing opportunityGeneral2023-11-29 01:04:05
29/11/2023Wanted Notice for IELC hospitals in Malappuram and Wandoor, Trivandrum Synod, KeralaGeneral2023-11-29 01:01:14
22/11/2023Lutheran Maha Sangamam organized by the Trivandrum Synod -IELCGeneral2023-11-22 07:01:36
24/10/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-10-24 04:51:19
23/10/2023Reminder for Manipur contributionGeneral2023-10-23 07:51:45
20/10/2023Trivandrum Synod- 8th Executive Committee meeting minutesGeneral2023-10-20 02:30:56
20/10/2023Trivandrum Synod-Posting of Pastors&Probationary Pastors is Ordered with effect from01/05/2023General2023-10-20 02:24:27
14/10/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-10-14 17:51:34
08/10/2023New church Building Dedicated-Barugur,Ambur SynodGeneral2023-10-08 15:34:14
07/10/2023Annual Generalbody Meeting (CC)held on 29.09.2023General2023-10-07 03:16:25
04/10/2023Approved CC Minutes publishedGeneral2023-10-04 10:55:38
29/09/2023Managing committee meeting held yesterday eveningGeneral2023-09-29 05:15:02
28/09/2023Trivandrum Synod Hospital board meeting going on with the consultant appointed one Mr.GireeshGeneral2023-09-28 10:13:14
28/09/2023Concordia Theological Seminary board meeting heldGeneral2023-09-28 07:11:13
28/09/2023Kottaikarungulam( Nagercoil-synod)Hospital board meeting heldGeneral2023-09-28 06:39:52
28/09/2023Ambur Bethesda Hospital development Board meeting heldGeneral2023-09-28 06:13:18
21/09/2023Nagercoil Synod Pastor’s Conference 2023General2023-09-21 17:13:01
21/09/2023Nagercoil Synod’s Teachers day 2023General2023-09-21 16:59:15
21/09/2023Wandoor Hospital Renovation work startedGeneral2023-09-21 16:22:41
21/09/2023Kottaikarungulam hospital board meetingGeneral2023-09-21 13:51:45
20/09/2023CTS ,Inaugural sercice of the centenary year celebrations on 08.09.2023General2023-09-20 17:15:58
20/09/2023GT Notice to all Synods Officers -related with our” IELC PAN”General2023-09-20 16:40:46
20/09/2023Manipur Special offering A/C detailsGeneral2023-09-20 16:35:43
08/09/2023Bethesda Hospital Board MeetingGeneral2023-09-08 10:49:22
08/09/2023Wanted- Hospital Administrator for Malappuram HospitalsGeneral2023-09-08 10:38:36
05/09/2023Teachers day wishes from our PresidentGeneral2023-09-05 05:47:25
29/08/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-08-29 12:53:50
29/08/2023Nagercoil Synod Executive Meeting Notice PublishedGeneral2023-08-29 10:15:06
29/08/2023Ambur Synod Executive Meeting Notice PublishedGeneral2023-08-29 10:09:57
26/08/2023INVITATION FOR ANNUAL GENERALBODY (Church Council)MEETING FOR IELC SOCIETY(Reg No:11/1959)General2023-08-26 06:51:11
25/08/2023Our President’s Appeal for Manipur Lutheran ChurchGeneral2023-08-25 10:38:03
25/08/202373’rd Anniversary Celebration-Poottetti,Colochal circle, Nagercoil-SynodGeneral2023-08-25 10:25:38
25/08/2023(New)LWF SCHOLARSHIP NOTIFICATION “Important Link published”General2023-08-25 06:53:28
14/08/2023Procedure of the LWF scholarships application and approval processGeneral2023-08-14 16:52:46
11/08/2023Message from our IELC President-LWF SCHOLARSHIP NOTIFICATIONGeneral2023-08-11 10:57:20
10/08/2023Important NotificationGeneral2023-08-10 09:27:15
08/08/2023Notice-IELC Salary Revisions For PastorsGeneral2023-08-08 04:12:01
27/07/2023Wish The Most Revered Rev. Dr. J. Priestly Balasingh , President IELCGeneral2023-07-27 08:33:56
20/07/2023IELC Office -Staff Wanted -Modified NoticeGeneral2023-07-20 09:56:45
20/07/2023Wanted Driver for Malappuram hospital publishedGeneral2023-07-20 07:18:42
18/07/2023Tamilnadu Christian council Meet at Courtallam ,Tirunelveli DistrictGeneral2023-07-18 05:33:48
18/07/2023Nagercoil Synod Ordination  service on 17.07.2023General2023-07-18 05:03:07
18/07/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-07-18 03:51:28
13/07/2023IELC Trust Association Regular Meeting held at Christ Lutheran Church, Kalpetta,Wayand,Kerala on 6th and 7th of July 2023General2023-07-13 06:19:23
13/07/2023CONDOLENCE MESSAGE General2023-07-13 05:29:38
11/07/2023Ielc Letters to the Ambur Synod regarding New pastor selected for GSLC, Ayanavaram General2023-07-11 07:25:02
11/07/2023On 09.07.2023 our IELC President Rev.Dr.Priestly Balasingh gave a message at Ayanavaram GSLC. Thereafter the GB for selection of the new pastor was held by a secret ballot and Result were announcedGeneral2023-07-11 07:07:39
06/07/2023Solution for GSLC,Ambur Synod ,Ayanavaram issueGeneral2023-07-06 05:08:41
05/07/2023Letter to Ambur Synod officers-regarding writ petitionGeneral2023-07-05 05:55:40
30/06/2023Urgent Notice-Attention to those who applied for MBBS in CMCGeneral2023-06-30 11:40:02
29/06/2023CMC Vellore ,Allied health Sciences Degree courses Selection List 2023 -publishedGeneral2023-06-29 06:25:38
27/06/2023Generalbody Notice -Ayanavaram GSLC ,ChennaiGeneral2023-06-27 07:29:09
25/06/2023Concordia Theological Seminary-Innauguration of new academic yearGeneral2023-06-25 17:15:52
10/06/2023Ielc President issued appointment orders to the Special schools vacancies.General2023-06-10 06:10:35
10/06/2023Our IELC President’s Birthday celebrated at deaf school ,Ambur,General2023-06-10 06:03:55
10/06/2023IELC President had a discussion with the Immanuel Lutheran Church office bearers along with the pastor .General2023-06-10 05:56:00
10/06/2023IELC GT/Secretary had a discussion meeting at Ambur Synod office in assessment grievance adjudication camp .General2023-06-10 05:52:04
10/06/2023Seminary reopening Notice and the innauguration of 99’th academic yearGeneral2023-06-10 05:47:09
08/06/2023Meeting notice-AmburGeneral2023-06-08 10:44:24
08/06/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-06-08 04:31:25
07/06/2023New salary scheme Implemented todayGeneral2023-06-07 09:04:09
06/06/2023NoticeGeneral2023-06-06 07:31:51
03/06/2023Our IELC leaders are in the moment of send-off our missionaries at the AirportGeneral2023-06-03 13:04:04
03/06/2023LCMS missionaries had lunch with our ielc leaders.General2023-06-03 12:52:30
03/06/2023Our LCMS missionaries and the IELC officers visited our LCMS missionary’s guest house at CTS campusGeneral2023-06-03 12:47:32
03/06/2023LCMS Missionaries visited and toured our IELC office, MELIM Bungalow, our compound, and Concordia Theological Seminary campus.General2023-06-03 12:40:06
03/06/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-06-03 12:04:05
03/06/2023IELC GT/Secretary had a discussion meeting at Trivandrum Synod office in assessment grievance adjudication camp .At the end he was planted a sandal saplings in front of the Trivandrum synod office.General2023-06-03 11:46:05
03/06/2023Ambur Immanuel lutheran church enquiry and The Assessment Revision petition hearing -postponedGeneral2023-06-03 11:21:47
31/05/2023Immanuel lutheran church, Ambur- Ambur Synod and circle officials included for enquiryGeneral2023-05-31 11:18:28
27/05/2023Enquiry letter – Immanuel Lutheran Church, AmburGeneral2023-05-27 08:29:33
26/05/2023Urgent Notice for UELCI Counseling General2023-05-26 08:06:59
26/05/2023Concordia Theological Seminary-faculty meeting going on with LCMS representatives,our IELC officers and the seminary board members.General2023-05-26 06:08:49
25/05/2023IELC -II day of pastor’s Refresher Course began with the Holy Communion Service at Calvary Lutheran Church, Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-05-25 03:54:07
24/05/2023Condolence message to Rev.Reji Dhas,Trivandrum SynodGeneral2023-05-24 11:51:44
24/05/2023IELC pastor’s Refresher course inaugural sessionGeneral2023-05-24 05:52:35
24/05/2023IELC Pastor’s Refresher Course Program scheduleGeneral2023-05-24 01:49:58
23/05/2023Assessment Details of all the Pastorates -publishedGeneral2023-05-23 11:04:53
20/05/2023To withdraw the unconstitutional Election notification issued by the Ambur Synod for the St.Immanuel lutheran church, AmburGeneral2023-05-20 10:21:37
17/05/2023Revised Benifits of CRM,Retired Pastors and family and Special Increments-IELCGeneral2023-05-17 01:47:58
17/05/2023Salary Revision for IELC Deaconess 2023General2023-05-17 01:43:49
16/05/2023IELC -Assessment Notice publishedGeneral2023-05-16 06:30:03
16/05/2023Salary Revision for Deaconess IELCGeneral2023-05-16 06:19:17
16/05/2023IELC -Pastor’s salary revision publishedGeneral2023-05-16 06:12:37
08/05/2023Nagercoil-synod, peermade lutheran churches youth meetGeneral2023-05-08 18:07:20
08/05/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-05-08 17:53:59
08/05/2023Southern India Region of YMCA Meeting at Perinbapuram,Kanyakumari DistrictGeneral2023-05-08 17:47:39
08/05/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-05-08 17:37:43
08/05/2023Ambur Synod Minutes publishedGeneral2023-05-08 10:09:57
05/05/202353rd சேகர மாதர் சங்க மகாநாடு (53rd Nagercoil-synod women Conference at Madurai)General2023-05-05 06:16:41
04/05/2023Concordia Theological Seminary- Probationer’s certification Program InvitationGeneral2023-05-04 07:50:20
04/05/2023President and GT visited Rev.Paul Eliezer’s ChurchGeneral2023-05-04 02:04:55
04/05/2023Ambur Synod Pastor’s Counseling and Transfer Notification 2023 PublishedGeneral2023-05-04 01:55:07
03/05/2023Our President and GT/SECRETARY met madras YMCA General Secretary/CEO at his Office ,ChennaiGeneral2023-05-03 16:57:49
03/05/2023President visited and prayed for the late Rev.Selvagunalan’s residentGeneral2023-05-03 16:53:25
03/05/2023President visited Vaanmalar Church VBS.General2023-05-03 11:41:20
03/05/2023Kodaikanal CC meeting imagesGeneral2023-05-03 11:35:17
03/05/2023Letter from our GT/Sec IELC to the office bearers of Ambur SynodGeneral2023-05-03 09:50:25
02/05/2023Approved Trust Association Minutes on 27th April 2023General2023-05-02 13:50:04
02/05/2023Approved CC(GB) Minutes dtd 27th April 2023General2023-05-02 13:49:17
02/05/2023Peacefull settlement made of Retired Rev.T.Devadhas ,Kodaikanal on 27-04-2023General2023-05-02 13:41:23
01/05/2023UELCI sponsorship interview on 27th May 2023 for MBBS/BDSGeneral2023-05-01 15:37:00
24/04/2023During the tenure of court appointed Administrator, IELC Trust Association Balance sheet and income expenditure for the year ended 2019 ,2020,2021 and 2022 March 31st -PublishedGeneral2023-04-24 07:58:32
22/04/2023Our IELC President attending XXIX Assembly of NCCI at Hyderabad YesterdayGeneral2023-04-22 04:35:02
20/04/2023Condolence MessageGeneral2023-04-20 07:32:53
19/04/2023A brief ‘Draft Proposal’ for IELC pastor’s Pay Revision-2023- Released for your valuable comments/suggestions/opinionsGeneral2023-04-19 14:53:09
19/04/2023Ambur Synod, Pastor’s Meeting invitation and photosGeneral2023-04-19 14:43:14
16/04/2023Thazhakudi Lutheran Church celebrated its 113th Anniversary Today.General2023-04-16 17:13:19
16/04/2023IELC,St.Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Bangalore, 12th voluntary Blood Donation CampGeneral2023-04-16 17:01:53
16/04/2023IELC- Ambur,Hearing Impaired Higher Secondary School,Weather Roofing work is underway on the school top.General2023-04-16 16:41:31
16/04/2023VBS Retreat, 15th April 2023,Madurai Circle ,Nagercoil-SynodGeneral2023-04-16 16:37:26
16/04/2023Colachel Circle ,Nagercoil-Synod, VBS Teachers Retreat 15’th April 2023 at KuzhivilaiGeneral2023-04-16 16:32:14
16/04/2023Prize winners, Bible quiz competition, Thovalai Circle, Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-04-16 16:23:51
14/04/2023Trivandrum Synod, Pastor’s meeting invitation and photosGeneral2023-04-14 17:04:13
11/04/2023Nagercoil Synod, Pastor’s meeting invitation and photosElection, General2023-04-11 07:00:29
07/04/2023Invitation for Ambur Synod Executive Committee and standing committee’s meetings-date announced.General2023-04-07 17:03:40
05/04/2023CMC,Vellore sponsorship interview conducted at Our registered office ,Chennai.IELC administration of our Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church for working transparently, swiftly, with dignity, equality and the way of Christ.General2023-04-05 03:16:44
31/03/2023IELC, Pastor’s meeting for all the 3 Synods-date ,time and place announcedGeneral2023-03-31 12:07:00
31/03/2023Church Council and Trust Meeting at Kodaikanal-date ,time and place announcedGeneral2023-03-31 12:04:08
31/03/2023Blood donation Camp at Bethesda Hospital, Ambur on 07.04.2023General2023-03-31 12:01:08
30/03/2023Mrs.Suma Chrispin appointed as the women secretary of IELC.General2023-03-30 15:34:16
27/03/2023Concordia Theological Seminary Valedictory Service (26.03.2023)General2023-03-27 18:44:14
26/03/2023Tuticorin Special school ,Interview started with President’s prayer at Nagercoil IELC central secretariat(25.03.2023)General2023-03-26 07:46:07
26/03/2023Nagercoil Synod ,Concordia High School,Nagercoil- School day functions held on 25.03.2023General2023-03-26 07:40:52
24/03/2023Invitation to the Committee Members for IELC Special school interviewGeneral2023-03-24 03:23:46
23/03/2023Invitation-IELC Concordia Theological Seminary Valedictory Service-2023General2023-03-23 16:03:13
23/03/2023Interview conducted for IELC special schools vacancies held on 22.03.2023 at Ambur Deaf schoolGeneral2023-03-23 14:22:14
23/03/2023Our IELC president, general treasurer, and officers are in Our late lcms missionary Rev. Naether and his family Members to paid their respects at the grave.General2023-03-23 14:06:58
23/03/2023IELC President and officers had a discussion with Ex Bethesda workers about their PF issue on 22.03.2023General2023-03-23 13:50:58
23/03/2023IELC president and officers visited Ambur Bethesda hospital renovation work on 22.03.2023General2023-03-23 13:44:44
21/03/2023IELC president visited Ambur Synod, Concordia Middle School, AmburGeneral2023-03-21 12:08:18
21/03/2023IELC President ,GT/Secretary, GT Emeritus, officers and ambur synod church leaders supervising Bethesda campusGeneral2023-03-21 11:59:55
21/03/2023IELC President, GT/Secretary ,GT Emeritus and church leaders met LCMS missionary Miss .Alice Brauer .General2023-03-21 11:01:22
21/03/2023Ambur Synod, MBF disbursement programme conduted todayGeneral2023-03-21 10:01:20
21/03/2023Nagercoil Synod, Pastor’s call , counseling date and details announced.General2023-03-21 09:11:23
20/03/2023IELC, NEW CENTRAL SECRETARIAT-Building construction is in progress.Dr.Sugumar ,senior member from madurai circle with our GTGeneral2023-03-20 11:21:17
20/03/2023Ambur synod ,MBF settlement program will be held on 21.03.2023 at Ambur Synod officeGeneral2023-03-20 09:47:39
18/03/2023Trivandrum MP Mr.Shashi Tharoor visited one of our Trivandrum church.Our Trivandrum Synod president and the Secretary also with him.General2023-03-18 10:18:34
18/03/2023Nagercoil Synod, Concordia high school, Sports day imagesGeneral2023-03-18 10:13:51
17/03/2023Trivandrum Synod, Malapuram District, Karunalaya Hospital ,Wandoor premises is under cleaning for restoration.General2023-03-17 13:10:36
16/03/202310-12-2022 Minutes of the Nagercoil-synod executive committee meetingGeneral2023-03-16 17:06:41
16/03/2023Our IELC-GT,Comptroller,GT Emeritus, Trivandrum Synod president ,office bearers and Trust members visited Malabar area hospitals,churches and properties for developmentGeneral2023-03-16 08:00:42
14/03/2023Interview Call letter for the appointments in ielc special schools (date,time and place)announced.General2023-03-14 10:50:31
13/03/2023Our IELC President attending UELCI EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING IN KOLKATA. MARCH 13- 15, 2023.General2023-03-13 15:36:11
12/03/2023It was a good moment for the IELC Churches and Mumbai IELC “Community Development Center” to talk about the problems that had been there for more than two decades and finally made a peace agreement between the two sides.General2023-03-12 16:42:04
12/03/2023Nagercoil synod ,Tirunelveli circle Assessment review committee-meeting held on 12.03.2023 at Concordia higher secondary school,ValliyoorGeneral2023-03-12 16:30:37
12/03/2023Nagercoil Synod,Thovalai Circle, Assessment review committee-meeting held on 11.03.2023 at CBO ,NagercoilGeneral2023-03-12 03:57:42
12/03/2023The pastors of IELC ,Trivandrum Synod retirement programme will be held on 16.03.2023General2023-03-12 03:48:07
10/03/2023IELC president ,GT/Sec and GT Emirates At St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Dharavi,MumbaiGeneral2023-03-10 08:49:34
09/03/2023Nagercoil Synod, Madurai circle, Tanjore St. Luke Church Shoping complex toilet construction started today.General2023-03-09 16:57:31
09/03/2023Nagercoil-synod ,Concordia H.S.School, Pootteti, +1&+2 Hall ticket distribution, Rev.Meshaq Vasanth, Mr.P.Sekar, H.M, Mr.R.Binoba , Synod Treasurer ( A.H.M ) and staff .General2023-03-09 06:27:36
09/03/2023President, General Secretary & General Treasurer Emeritus in Mumbai Projects Inauguration.General2023-03-09 06:16:04
08/03/2023Nagercoil Circle Assessment review committee-meeting held on 05.03.2023 eveningGeneral2023-03-08 07:58:37
08/03/2023Bethesda cleanup begins , Our stewards who hired guards to guard Bethesda last month …. as a started 08.03.2023 today with prayer….General2023-03-08 04:47:50
08/03/2023A consultation meeting was held in Mumbai with the officials of the IELC regarding the development work of Mumbai churchesGeneral2023-03-08 04:41:38
04/03/2023Madurai circle Executive meeting and Assessment review committee-meeting held on 03.03.2023General2023-03-04 17:19:06
04/03/2023New look of the renovated Central Business office,Nagercoil . The renovation team of the CBO were honoured. 🙏General2023-03-04 16:59:15
04/03/2023The pastors and office staff of IELC retirement programme held on 04.03.2023General2023-03-04 16:32:29
04/03/2023Circular Regarding Admission In M.B.B.S & Other Courses in CMC Vellore2023General2023-03-04 09:49:39
02/03/2023Nagercoil synod ,Madurai circle, IELC Trust Association Consulting meeting with shop owners at Tanjore St.Luke’s lutheran church .General2023-03-02 03:11:35
28/02/2023Nagercoil Circle meeting minutes PublishedGeneral2023-02-28 03:49:55
28/02/2023Nagercoil circle meeting held on 19th FebruaryGeneral2023-02-28 03:46:14
27/02/2023Nagercoil Synod, Invitation for Farewell meeting of retired pastorsGeneral2023-02-27 13:16:03
26/02/2023Colochal circle Assessment Review Meeting held at Zion Lutheran church ,KuzhithuraiGeneral2023-02-26 09:42:47
25/02/2023Inquiry committee appointed for Mr.M.Issac Suthakaran’s MatterGeneral2023-02-25 10:49:26
25/02/2023Authorization given to the Secretary, Nagercoil Synod for better administration of the schoolsGeneral2023-02-25 10:38:46
24/02/2023Today CBSE 10 std examination started. Prayer conducted by Rev.Y.Meshak (Nagercoil circle president) & Rev.R.Kanagasundram (Nagercoil synod vice president)General2023-02-24 15:43:36
24/02/2023On behalf of the Kanyakumari United Christian Council, the entire district church leaders met the new Collector as a matter of respect.General2023-02-24 15:40:41
21/02/2023Project coordinator appointed for Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-02-21 10:14:56
21/02/2023IELC Made arrangement for protecting the premises of Ambur Bethesda Hospital by appointing Security OfficersGeneral2023-02-21 08:06:31
21/02/2023Enquiry Notice to Mr.M.Issac Suthakaran regarding his various complaintsGeneral2023-02-21 10:12:39
21/02/2023Letter issued to the Synod officers along with the form no VII for better administrationGeneral2023-02-21 07:54:02
20/02/2023IELC – Notice for Special school vacanciesGeneral2023-02-20 07:01:09
18/02/2023Nagercoil Synod, Assessment review committee-meeting at colachal circleGeneral2023-02-18 13:13:51
17/02/20238-2-2023 Notice (No:GT/53/2023)withdrawn and corrected version publishedGeneral2023-02-17 17:51:41
17/02/2023President is in the renovated chamber with office bearers and church eldersGeneral2023-02-17 17:39:32
17/02/2023Nagercoil synod ,gathering of present headmasters, ex-head masters, , managers, correspondents held.General2023-02-17 17:18:47
17/02/2023Today-Foundation stone laid down for IELC central office at Nagercoil Mission CompoundGeneral2023-02-17 07:51:47
16/02/2023Invitation-Foundation stone laying service for a new Central officeGeneral2023-02-16 10:44:17
15/02/2023Nagercoil Synod ,Assessment review committee-meeting schedule with churchesGeneral2023-02-15 12:13:20
10/02/2023Letter to all the office bearers and the executive committee of Nagercoil Synod- conduct of Assessment review meetingGeneral2023-02-10 03:23:33
10/02/2023Letter to the office bearers of all the Synods- Website publishingGeneral2023-02-10 03:16:43
10/02/2023Called for waiting list to the Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-02-10 03:12:30
10/02/2023Letter to all the Synod officers regarding AppointmentsGeneral2023-02-10 03:09:36
08/02/2023Ambur Synod, Vaniyambadi circle,Sozhoor ,Rajgopal Nager ,New Lutheran church Dedicated on Sunday 5’th February 2023General2023-02-08 14:39:20
08/02/2023Nagercoil Synod program (project) coordinator appointedGeneral2023-02-08 09:34:08
08/02/2023Notice-Trivandrum synod one year planning committee meetingGeneral2023-02-08 09:32:19
08/02/2023Nagercoil synod VBS Coordinator appointedGeneral2023-02-08 09:28:27
08/02/2023Nagercoil Synod VBS Coordinator appointedGeneral2023-02-08 09:26:59
08/02/2023Trivandrum Synod VBS Coordinator appointedGeneral2023-02-08 09:24:20
08/02/2023Mission director appointedGeneral2023-02-08 09:22:29
08/02/2023Board Members appionted for malapuram hospitalGeneral2023-02-08 09:18:53
08/02/2023Application for the post of CTS facultyGeneral2023-02-08 09:04:52
03/02/2023Ambur Synod, Invitation- installation servive for all circle office bearersGeneral2023-02-03 10:45:55
31/01/2023Invitation for Ambur Synod adjourned Executive meetingGeneral2023-01-31 11:16:07
31/01/2023Trivandrum Synod President’s notice with tamil translationGeneral, Trivandrum2023-01-31 11:13:45
31/01/2023Ambur Synod officers attended St.James lutheran church AnniversaryGeneral2023-01-31 04:06:01
30/01/2023Nagercoil Synod – Committee Appointed for Preparing Pastor’s service book and Identity cardGeneral2023-01-30 16:32:46
30/01/2023Nagercoil Synod-Members Appointed for Pastor’s medical Insurance schemeGeneral2023-01-30 16:27:22
30/01/2023Appointment of Church Assessment Review committee for Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-01-30 16:23:50
30/01/2023Nagercoil CBSE school Board meeting held on 30.01.2023General, Nagercoil2023-01-30 13:32:23
23/01/2023Ambur Synod, 2023 program planing meeting -Invitation,agenda and imagesAmbur, General2023-01-23 18:00:15
23/01/2023One year planning program recommendations ,Nagercoil SynodGeneral2023-01-23 07:32:19
21/01/2023CondolenceGeneral2023-01-21 15:51:47
20/01/2023Ambur Synod, One year planning meeting on 24th Jan 2023General2023-01-20 16:40:12
18/01/2023Assessment for all the churches in IELCGeneral2023-01-18 15:32:11
17/01/2023CTS PRINCIPAL’S-EXTENSION ORDERGeneral2023-01-17 13:51:28
17/01/2023Officially Informed CMC vellore -new office bearers assumed chargeGeneral2023-01-17 13:05:18
17/01/2023Ielc president requested Rev.T.Devadhas,kodaikanal to vacate the premisesNagercoil2023-01-17 13:01:32
17/01/2023IELC retained its membership with UTCGeneral2023-01-17 12:57:41
17/01/2023Our IELC President Rev.Dr. J Priestly Balasingh went directly to Chennai Forties Hospital at 10 pm on 15.01.2023 where Rev.B.Y.M.Sureshkumar admitted for treatment and prayed 🙏Pastors2023-01-17 12:48:30
14/01/2023Our beloved ielc president at Tarangambadi TELC Bishop’s Consecration MassGeneral2023-01-14 12:04:36
14/01/2023IELC ,Ambur Synod, TNHB Naether Memorial Lutheran Church’s Harvest FestivalAmbur, General2023-01-14 11:48:26
13/01/2023Request of Marathi church ,MumbaiUncategorized2023-01-13 16:10:43
13/01/2023Nagercoil Synod, Appointment orders issued to the correspondents and standing committee members.General, Nagercoil2023-01-13 09:53:02
13/01/2023IELC conducted one day program planning Meeting for Nagercoil-synod 2023 held on 12.01.2023General, Nagercoil2023-01-13 09:39:48
13/01/2023Ambur, General2023-01-13 09:18:05
13/01/2023CondolenceGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-13 09:10:58
10/01/2023CONDOLENCE MESSAGE BY IELC PRESIDENTGeneral2023-01-10 08:01:11
09/01/2023Nagercoil synod ,Thovalai circle executive meeting minutes (27.11.2022)General, Nagercoil2023-01-09 07:22:02
09/01/2023Nagercoil Synod,Thovalai Circle Executive Meeting held on 08.01.2023General, Nagercoil2023-01-09 06:56:38
09/01/2023Nagercoil Synod,One year work planning 2023General, Nagercoil2023-01-09 06:47:41
08/01/2023Nagercoil Synod,Colochal circle, Church Almanac 2023 releasedGeneral2023-01-08 14:18:04
08/01/2023Ambur Synod, Valayampattu St. Paul Lutheran Church’s Compound Wall Foundation Ceremony was heldGeneral2023-01-08 14:14:20
06/01/2023Ambur Synod, Meeting of standing committee on EducationGeneral2023-01-06 18:33:13
05/01/2023The appointment order was given to the Headmasters appointed in Ambur Synod Educational Standing Committee by the Synod officialsAmbur, General2023-01-05 16:40:38
04/01/2023Mrs.Bindhu Gladson’s Application for Deaconess salary.Ambur, General2023-01-04 17:58:07
04/01/2023Mrs.Johnsi Michal’s Application for DeaconessAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:57:15
04/01/2023Mr.P.Manoharan’s Application for the post of a Music teacherGeneral2023-01-04 17:58:38
04/01/2023Rev.Dr.M.Luther Raj’s Application for pensionAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:56:09
04/01/2023Rev.Rtd.Sasipoulose’s application for pensionGeneral, Trivandrum2023-01-04 17:55:15
04/01/2023Ambur Synod, Smt.Jeyachithra Roslin’s RequestAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:54:28
04/01/2023Rev.R.Vedagiri’s Application for the post of- seminary facultyAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:53:52
04/01/2023Nagercoil synod ,Colochal circle, Kurumathoor Pastorate,request for new parsonage constructionGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 17:51:54
04/01/2023Nagercoil synod ,Colochal circle,application for parsonage construction Kurumathur pastorateGeneral2023-01-04 17:47:12
04/01/2023Rev.A.S.John Kirubaharan’s Application for the post of a Seminary facultyAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:46:16
04/01/2023Nagercoil-synod, Appointment of Mr.Amalan as a senior clerkGeneral2023-01-04 17:44:48
04/01/2023Rev.P.A.Ponnarasu’s ApplicationGeneral2023-01-04 17:43:36
04/01/2023Mr.A.Vijayakumar,Ambur Synod’s Trust Member- Request for- payments of old DuesGeneral2023-01-04 17:40:38
04/01/2023Rev.D.S.Christudoss’s Application and the reportAmbur, General2023-01-04 17:39:56
04/01/2023Ambur Synod’s ApplicationGeneral2023-01-04 17:38:17
04/01/2023Application for the post of pastorGeneral2023-01-04 17:37:38
04/01/2023Various complaints from one Mr.Issac Sudhakaran claiming himself from Chungankadai church.General2023-01-04 17:34:04
04/01/2023Complaint recieved from Mekodu Lutheran Church, Nagercoil-synodGeneral2023-01-04 18:08:43
04/01/2023Complaint from Mr.G.Sahayadhas,KaliyakkavilaiGeneral2023-01-04 18:08:18
04/01/2023Rev.Y.Dharmaraj,Trivandrum Synod, application for payment duesGeneral2023-01-04 18:05:58
04/01/2023Complaint from one Mr.G.Sahayadhas,Kaliyakkavilai Lutheran Church, Nagercoil-synodGeneral2023-01-04 18:07:54
04/01/2023Payment Notice by Frank &Co Auditing companyGeneral2023-01-04 18:05:31
04/01/2023Adv.M.R.Ramanan’s Notice,VelloreGeneral2023-01-04 18:05:02
04/01/2023Request of Rev.Y.Muthurajan for MBFNagercoil2023-01-04 18:04:09
04/01/2023Nagercoil-synod,invitation for Thovalai circle executive meetingNagercoil2023-01-04 18:03:43
04/01/2023Ambur Synod’s recommendation for CTS principal candidate.General2023-01-04 18:03:18
04/01/2023Rev.A.S.Parry Jeyan’s application for the post of seminary FacultyGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 18:02:51
04/01/2023Ambur Synod’s request for reopening BethesdaAmbur2023-01-04 18:02:20
04/01/2023Ambur Synod’s request – salary to the deaconess and the pension of a pastorAmbur, General2023-01-04 18:01:54
04/01/2023Ambur Synod requesting IELC for Constitution Amendment RevisionAmbur, General2023-01-04 18:01:22
04/01/2023Mrs.Indira Michael’s application for LPGM FundsGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 18:00:49
04/01/2023MS.Annam construction-application for Building worksGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 18:00:19
04/01/2023Nagercoil Synod requesting IELC for Appointment of office workersGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 17:59:41
04/01/2023Application for convention at Krishnagiri CLCAmbur2023-01-04 17:59:10
04/01/2023General Notice to AllGeneral2023-01-04 11:10:30
04/01/2023Nagercoil-synod,Nagercoil Circle Madhar SangamGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-04 09:47:11
04/01/2023AMBUR SYNOD, Pastor’s Council Meeting held on 03/01/2023 at Immanuel Lutheran Church, AmburAmbur, General2023-01-04 09:42:12
02/01/2023Ambur Synod, Invitation for Pastor’s ConferenceAmbur, General2023-01-02 15:39:15
02/01/2023Ambur Synod, Invitation for meeting of Probationers and CatechistsAmbur, General2023-01-02 15:35:02
02/01/2023NAGERCOIL SYNOD MINUTESS 1/22Nagercoil2023-01-02 12:55:14
02/01/2023Faith Lutheran Church – Mangantuvilai -Nagercoil synod – Cloachel circle – Christmas celebration with Cloachel circle president Rev. D. AlexandorGeneral, Nagercoil2023-01-02 03:16:48
01/01/2023Condolence messageGeneral2023-01-01 04:19:10
30/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Nagercoil Circle, Chungankadai lutheran church-Family Sunday CelebrationsGeneral, Nagercoil2022-12-30 14:33:30
30/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Madurai circle, Vaalardi Carmal Lutheran Church Dedication today.General, Nagercoil2022-12-30 14:30:25
29/12/2022The President of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church prays for the speedy recovery of Rev.Y.K. Mohandas,Vice President of IELC,He conveys his support and spiritual encouragement to his family. God bless !General2022-12-29 10:36:09
29/12/2022The President of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church prays for the speedy recovery of Rev.B.Y.M.Suresh Kumar. He conveys his support and spiritual encouragement to his family. God bless !General2022-12-29 10:27:29
29/12/2022The President of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church visited Dr. Suhumar Isaac Abraham at the hospital.Madurai and prayed for speedy recovery and conveyed his spiritual support to the family.General2022-12-29 10:31:15
29/12/2022Nagercoil-synod, Madurai circle, Vandiperiar,Vaalaardi church dedication Invitation (30-12-2022)General2022-12-29 10:15:03
29/12/2022Form 7 ,Declaring IELC society legally formed of elections has been received- issued by the concerned registrar of TN societies,Chennai Central dtd 27-12-2022General2022-12-29 10:02:55
28/12/2022Ambur Synod, Executive committee Christmas wishesAmbur, General2022-12-28 05:42:39
28/12/2022Ambur Synod ,Association pastor’s combined Christmas function in which IELC President Rev. Dr. J. Priestley Balasing was present and gave the greeting.Ambur, General2022-12-28 05:37:13
24/12/20222022-Christmas Greetings from IELC PresidentGeneral2022-12-24 16:48:27
24/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Retired pastor-CondolenceGeneral2022-12-24 04:53:34
22/12/2022IELC President’s program at AmburGeneral2022-12-22 16:38:24
22/12/2022Christ Lutheran Church, Vellore, Dedicated on 21.12.2022Ambur, General2022-12-22 16:30:49
22/12/2022CMC, Vellore,Provisionally selected IELC candidatesGeneral2022-12-22 16:27:58
22/12/2022IELC Public School-CBSE, Nagercoil, Christmas day celebrationGeneral2022-12-22 16:23:16
22/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Colochal circle, Pastor’s Christmas meetGeneral2022-12-22 04:51:05
21/12/2022Nagercoil Synod,Nagercoil Circle, Pastor’s Christmas meetGeneral2022-12-21 11:26:11
21/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Thovalai circle,Carol competition and pastor’s meet-18.12.2022General2022-12-21 11:00:05
20/12/2022Nagercoil Synod ,Carol competition conducted at Calvary lutheran church on 18th December 2022General, Nagercoil2022-12-20 05:41:15
20/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Madurai circle, Peermade Estate Area Christmas programNagercoil2022-12-20 03:13:56
20/12/2022Ambur Synod, Madras Circle, Extension Gospel Centre,Purdur,Ambathur,Renovation Dedication ServiceGeneral2022-12-20 03:08:35
20/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Tirunelveli circle- Keekulam Church DedicationGeneral2022-12-20 02:58:08
19/12/2022Extension of pastor’s service after retirement-NoticeGeneral2022-12-19 11:48:25
18/12/2022Nagercoil-synod, Madurai circle United carols imagesNagercoil2022-12-18 08:34:38
18/12/2022Ambur Synod,Melpatti Circle officer’s installation-invitationGeneral2022-12-18 08:28:55
16/12/2022Ambur Synod First Executive Committee meetingAmbur2022-12-16 11:45:10
16/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Madurai Circle, Tanjore Lutheran Church, Carol roundsGeneral2022-12-16 07:30:07
16/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Sermon study meeting at Ganesaparam ChurchGeneral2022-12-16 07:27:58
16/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Thovalai Circle, Carol Team Visited all the CongregationsNagercoil2022-12-16 07:23:49
14/12/2022Trivandrum Synod-Minutes of the Second executive committeeGeneral2022-12-14 18:53:49
14/12/2022Trivandrum synod-Data collection about the CongregationGeneral2022-12-14 18:50:47
14/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Madurai circle, Grace Lutheran Church,-United CarolsGeneral2022-12-14 10:41:22
13/12/2022Ambur Synod, Aynavaram Lutheran Church-Christmas and new year schedule &InvitationGeneral2022-12-13 14:19:04
13/12/2022IELC president participated in the CSI Kanyakumari Diocese Conference with the BishopGeneral2022-12-13 14:10:25
13/12/2022Ambur Synod, Christ Lutheran Church, Vellore,New Church Dedication- InvitationGeneral2022-12-13 08:37:48
13/12/2022St.Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Bangalore-Christmas & New year Worship ScheduleGeneral2022-12-13 08:26:10
13/12/2022Ambur Synod First Executive Meeting-InvitationGeneral2022-12-13 08:22:19
12/12/2022Ambur Synod NewsGeneral2022-12-12 10:53:56
12/12/2022Adovcate notice and IELC reply regarding extension of CTS principal’s tenureGeneral2022-12-12 10:35:17
12/12/2022Nagercoil Synod, Tirunelveli circle Christmas celebration on 5.12.2022General2022-12-12 09:26:32
12/12/2022Nagercoil Synod ,Colochal circle,Inayam pastorate invitation-celebrates its Christmas and New yearGeneral2022-12-12 09:20:22
12/12/2022IELC President visited the affected Teynampettai St .Thomas Lutheran Church due to stormy rain fall.General2022-12-12 09:15:17
12/12/2022Nagercoil synod,Madurai circle,Christmas celebration for pastorsGeneral2022-12-12 09:04:47
12/12/2022Nagercoil synod office decorated with lightsGeneral2022-12-12 08:57:47
12/12/2022Nagercoil-synod, Thovalai circle,veeranamangalam pastorate celebrated its 86th Anniversary on 3rd DecemberGeneral2022-12-12 08:42:31
12/12/2022Condolence MessageGeneral2022-12-12 08:28:49
09/12/2022Letter for Christmas Gift to the PastorGeneral2022-12-09 10:24:25
05/12/2022Ambur Synod, Madras Circle,Aynavaram Lutheran Church -Xmas InvitationGeneral2022-12-05 15:13:57
03/12/2022Nagercoil-Synod ,Thovali Circle Christmas celebration InvitationGeneral2022-12-03 18:45:54
05/12/2022Christmas function of Nagercoil Synod,Tirunelveli circle on 3rd Dec. at Samathanapuram Lutheran Church.General2022-12-05 15:21:28
03/12/2022Tuticorin Deaf School New Correspondent assumed charge- imagesGeneral2022-12-03 18:43:02
04/12/2022Nagercoil Synod ,Nagercoil Circle – Carol competition(The True Light 2022)General, Nagercoil2022-12-04 11:03:59
03/12/2022Our President Installed Ambur Synod officers on 02.12.2022General2022-12-03 18:33:47
01/12/2022Nagercoil Synod,Keekulam Church Dedication-InvitationGeneral2022-12-01 10:37:50
01/12/202218.11.2022 Nagereoil Synod BulletinGeneral2022-12-01 07:24:04
30/11/2022Ambur Synod Officer’s Installation Service-02.12.2022General2022-11-30 14:27:07
30/11/2022Letter from Rev.Dr.D.Monickaraj,Principal Emeritus and Action Taken By the President of IELCGeneral2022-11-30 14:21:55
30/11/20221st Church Council Meeting Minutes-ApprovedGeneral2022-11-30 14:08:40
28/11/20222nd Church Council Meeting InvitationGeneral2022-11-28 03:37:20
30/11/2022Church Council Meeting- ImagesGeneral2022-11-30 13:48:45
28/11/2022Iyakiapuram,Church Dedication-NGL SynodGeneral2022-11-28 04:37:57
30/11/20222’nd Church Council Meeting 2022 DevotionGeneral2022-11-30 13:38:46
24/11/2022IELC President Dr. Priestly Balasingh visited the construction work of Vellore CLCGeneral2022-11-24 05:56:10
12/11/2022Vadasery,CLC,115’th Church Anniversary InvitationGeneral2022-11-12 16:56:21
12/11/2022NoticeGeneral2022-11-12 16:41:39
12/11/2022Trivandrum Synod installationGeneral2022-11-12 15:09:23
12/11/2022Church Dedication Invitaion ,Iykkiapuram,chunkankadai pastorate,Nagercoil SynodGeneral2022-11-12 16:37:34
12/11/2022Nagercoil Synod’s First Executive committee meeting imagesGeneral2022-11-12 05:27:05
12/11/2022Nagercoil-synod’s executive committee meeting-imagesGeneral2022-11-12 05:31:49
12/11/2022Invitation Nagercoil Synod First Executive Committee meetingGeneral2022-11-12 05:11:02
11/11/2022First church council meeting ImageGeneral2022-11-11 14:28:05
11/11/2022First Church council meeting at ChennaiGeneral2022-11-11 14:20:49
12/11/2022Invitation -Trivandrum Synod officers InstallationGeneral2022-11-12 05:07:36
11/11/2022Sunday school Rally of Colochal circle / Nagercoil SynodGeneral2022-11-11 13:55:19
11/11/2022Nagercoil Synod officers assumed chargeGeneral2022-11-11 13:46:00
11/11/2022InstallationGeneral2022-11-11 13:44:48
14/04/201919.12.2018 : Letter sent to Rev. M. Suresh Kumar, AmburAmbur2019-04-14 07:47:54
01/04/201904.12.2018 : Letter sent to District Educational Officer and Block Educational Officer, NagercoilNagercoil2019-04-01 11:17:08
28/03/201920.11.2018 : Appointment Dr.D. Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev as Correspondent of IELC CBSE School, NagercoilNagercoil2019-03-28 14:03:49
28/03/2019Belated settlement of Gratuity to Mr. J. William, a retired workman of Bethesda Hospital due to infighting between 2 groupsAmbur2019-03-28 13:52:52
05/01/201903.10.2018: Letter of the Administrator to all the Pastors of the IELCGeneral2019-01-05 13:26:14
14/04/201919.12.2018 : Letter sent to the Comptroller and the Secretary of the IELC for the Shopping complex at Ambur SynodAmbur2019-04-14 07:04:09
11/04/201911.12.2018 : Letter sent to the Principal, District Institute of Education and TrainingAmbur2019-04-11 08:42:43
11/04/201907.12.2018 : Letter sent to Mr. S. Muthuraj, President, Trinity Lutheran Church, Kaniyamakuri Dist.Nagercoil2019-04-11 07:35:24
01/04/201904.12.2018 : Intimation given to all the Education AuthoritiesGeneral2019-04-01 11:16:47
05/01/201926.09.2018: Taking over charge as Administrator of the IELCGeneral2019-01-05 13:23:51
11/04/2019Tamarind Tree Auction at BargurAmbur2019-04-11 09:12:41
11/04/201911.12.2018 : Letter sent to Rev. D. Raja, cancellation the Correspondentship of the IELC Good shepherd School for Hearing Impaired, ThoothukudiNagercoil2019-04-11 07:49:06
11/04/201911.12.2018 : Letter sent to the District Deferentially Abled Officer, VelloreAmbur2019-04-11 07:42:35
28/03/201913.12.2018 : Letter sent to all Pastorates in all the 3 SynodsGeneral2019-03-28 14:46:29
05/01/201931.10.2018: Letter sent to all the Pastors in Ambur SynodAmbur2019-01-05 13:30:59
11/04/201918.12.2018 : Letter sent to all Pastors of Ambur Synod regarding Bethesda Nursing Institute, Ambur AdmissionAmbur2019-04-11 09:05:57
11/04/201907.12.2018 : Letter sent to the District Educational Officer, KuzhithuraiNagercoil2019-04-11 07:30:39
11/04/201906.12.2018 : Letter sent to Mr. T. Stephen, cancellation of the Correspondenship of the IELC Concordia Lutheran High School, Kolparapottrai, Kanyakumari DistrictNagercoil2019-04-11 07:24:16
11/04/201904.12.2018 & 21.12.2018 : Letters sent to Rev. G.P. Gopinathan, Secretary – IELCGeneral2019-04-11 07:06:40
28/03/201923.11.2018 : The letter sent to the Tenants of Ambur Shopping ComplexGeneral2019-03-28 14:16:05
11/04/201912.12.2018 : Letter sent to the Secretary of the Christian Medical College Association, Vellore.General2019-04-11 08:59:15
28/03/201921.11.2018 : Letter sent to the Indian Bank, Krishnagiri about cancellation of Correspondentship and authorizing Mr. Prabhakaran and Mrs. Saroja to operate the account of Krishnagiri Polio HomeAmbur2019-03-28 14:10:42
28/03/201921.11.2018 : Cancellation of Correspondenship of Rev. I. Frederick Prasad in Krishnagiri Polio HomeAmbur2019-03-28 14:06:53
28/03/2019Intimation to BEEO / DEO about the Cancellation of Correspondentship of Mr.P. Manuel YesurajNagercoil2019-03-28 14:02:06
11/04/201912.12.2018 : Letter sent to the District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, ThoothukudiNagercoil2019-04-11 07:51:10
28/03/201923.11.2018 : Cancellation of Correspondentship of Mr.P. Manuel Yesuraj, (Retd. Head Master) of the IELC Schools in Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-03-28 13:55:48
05/01/201931.07.2018: Judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of MadrasGeneral2019-01-05 13:15:21
11/04/201911.12.2018 : Letter sent to the Manager, State Bank of India, AmburAmbur2019-04-11 07:39:04
11/04/201905.12.2018 : Letter sent to the Principal, District Institute of Education and Training, Ranipet, Vellore – 401General2019-04-11 07:02:36
05/01/201926.07.2018: Judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of MadrasGeneral2019-01-05 12:49:36
10/04/201904.12.2018 : Letter sent to Rec. C. Ellappan PrasadAmbur2019-04-10 10:19:17
31/10/2022CIRCULARGeneral2022-10-31 11:53:52
10/04/201904.12.2018: Letter sent to Mr. P.Lawrence Inbaraj, Bargur Cancellation of the Correspondentship IELC Higher Secondary School at Bargur.Ambur2019-04-10 10:12:45
11/11/2022IELC WEBSITE UPDATEDGeneral2022-11-11 10:36:32
10/04/201904.12.2018 : Letter sent to Mr. D. Daniel, Ambur Cancellation of Correspondentship of the IELC Higher Secondary for the Deaf at AmburAmbur2019-04-10 09:35:36
31/10/2022CIRCULAR ON NEW WEBSITEGeneral2022-10-31 11:48:32
10/04/201913.12.2018: Letter sent to all the PastorsGeneral2019-04-10 09:33:10
31/10/2022CIRCULAR ON FIXED DEPOSITSGeneral2022-10-31 11:48:03
31/10/2022REPORT FILED BY THE ADMINISTRATORGeneral2022-10-31 11:46:10
26/10/2022DETAILS OF VOTES SECURED IN IELC CONVENTIONS HELD ON 22.10.2022Election2022-10-26 05:15:03
26/10/2022IELC CONVENTION ELECTIONS RESULTS – HELD ON 22.10.2022Election2022-10-26 05:13:03
03/10/2022FINAL LIST OF CANDIDATES FOR IELC OFFICE BEARERSElection2022-10-03 07:10:17
01/10/2022ELECTION NOTIFICATION – 4Election2022-10-01 07:39:09
01/10/2022NAGERCOIL SYNOD CONVENTION RESULTS- HELD ON 01.10.2022Election2022-10-01 06:49:02
20/09/2022Mail sent to the Office Bearers of St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Chettikuppam PastorateAmbur2022-09-20 12:07:57
20/09/2022Mail sent to the Office Bearers of Coromandel PastorateAmbur2022-09-20 12:03:26
20/09/2022Mail sent to the Office Bearers of Somalapuram PastorateAmbur2022-09-20 11:59:37
19/09/2022NAGERCOIL SYNOD CONVENTION ELECTIONS RESULTS- HELD ON 17.09.2022Election2022-09-19 05:50:42
01/09/2022Circular on Election – Synod conventionElection2022-09-01 06:51:08
30/08/2022Election CircularElection2022-08-30 13:40:35
25/08/2022NAGERCOIL SYNOD CONVENTION – FINAL LISTElection2022-08-25 06:13:40
25/08/2022TRIVANDRUM SYNOD CONVENTION – FINAL LISTElection2022-08-25 06:09:29
23/08/2022AMBUR SYNOD CONVENTION ELECTIONS – FINAL LISTElection2022-08-23 13:28:34
22/08/2022ELECTION NOTIFICATION – 3Election2022-08-22 11:48:09
12/08/2022Circular on ElectionElection2022-08-12 12:14:50
08/08/2022Circular on ElectionElection2022-08-08 14:27:24
03/08/2022Circular on ElectionElection2022-08-03 13:44:24
03/08/2022Correction of inadvertent error in the final list of candidates in Balaramapuram & Nilamel Cirlces in Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-03 12:42:11
02/08/2022Correction of inadvertent error in the final list of candidates in Colechel and Tirunelveli CircleElection2022-08-02 11:56:03
02/08/2022Final list of candidates for IELC Office BearersElection2022-08-02 08:31:09
02/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates for Trivandrum Synod ConventionElection2022-08-02 08:09:40
02/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates for Nagercoil Synod ConventionElection2022-08-02 08:06:54
02/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates for Ambur Synod ConventionElection2022-08-02 08:03:45
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Trivandrum Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-01 18:41:03
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Ponvila Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-01 18:38:07
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Nilamel Cirlce – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-01 18:35:21
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Luthergiri Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-01 18:32:29
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Balaramapuram Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-08-01 18:29:57
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Tirunelveli Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-08-01 17:13:32
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Thovalai Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-08-01 17:10:30
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Nagercoil Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-08-01 17:07:51
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Madurai Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-08-01 17:04:19
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Colechel Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-08-01 17:00:58
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Vaniyambadi Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-08-01 16:57:30
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Melpatti Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-08-01 15:55:59
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Madras Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-08-01 15:52:37
01/08/2022Final list of candidates / delegates in Karnataka Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-08-01 15:49:44
01/08/2022Final list of Candidates / Delegates in Ambur Circle – Ambur SynodGeneral2022-08-01 15:45:47
26/07/2022Final Seniority List of Teachers in IELC Primary and Middle Schools in Ambur SynodAmbur2022-07-26 12:52:00
25/07/2022Election Circular – Change of venue for Ambur SynodElection2022-07-25 13:29:15
19/07/2022Circular Regarding objection to eligible / ineligible candidates / delegatesElection2022-07-19 11:25:53
18/07/2022Circular regarding withdrawalElection2022-07-18 14:27:07
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates for IELC Office BearersElection2022-07-15 17:04:49
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates Ambur Synod Office BearersElection2022-07-15 16:42:25
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Vaniyambadi Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-07-15 16:40:47
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Melpatti Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-07-15 16:38:37
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Madras Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-07-15 16:35:09
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Karnataka Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-07-15 16:33:10
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Ambur Circle – Ambur SynodElection2022-07-15 16:30:52
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates Trivandrum Synod Office BearersElection2022-07-15 16:28:07
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Trivandrum Circle – Trivandrum SynodGeneral2022-07-15 16:25:51
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Ponvila Circle – Trivandrum SynodGeneral2022-07-15 16:24:29
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Nilamel Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-07-15 16:23:10
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Luthergiri Circle – Trivandrum SynodElection2022-07-15 16:18:31
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Balaramapuram Circle – Trivandrum SynodGeneral2022-07-15 16:15:33
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates for Nagercoil Synod Office BearersElection2022-07-15 16:10:31
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates and Delegates – Tirunelveli Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-07-15 16:07:49
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Thovalai Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-07-15 16:04:03
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Nagercoil Circle – Nagercoil SynodGeneral2022-07-15 16:02:17
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates / Delegates – Madurai Circle – Nagercoil SynodGeneral2022-07-15 16:01:23
15/07/2022List of Eligible / Ineligible Candidates and Delegates – Colechel Circle – Nagercoil SynodElection2022-07-15 15:57:06
06/07/2022Regarding meeting with Rev.M.Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools of Trivandrum SynodGeneral2022-07-06 12:52:10
05/07/2022Letter sent to Rev. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-07-05 04:48:13
05/07/2022Letter sent by Rev. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-07-05 04:47:19
30/06/2022Circular Regarding Seniority of Teachers in Elementary / Middle Schools – Ambur SynodAmbur2022-06-30 12:43:25
27/06/2022ELECTION CIRCULARElection2022-06-27 14:33:14
22/06/202215.06.2022 – Judgement of the Hon’ble Kerala High Court relating to the Lutheran Schools in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-06-22 06:04:41
22/06/2022Letter sent to Rev.M.Mohanan enclosing the promotion order of Mr.Arun.L as PrincipalTrivandrum2022-06-22 05:34:22
22/06/2022Reply mail sent to Rev.M.Mohanan, Manager of Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-06-22 05:31:52
22/06/2022A mail sent by Rev.M.Mohanan, Manager of Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum Synod regarding Smt. Rejeena, TeacherTrivandrum2022-06-22 05:29:51
21/06/2022IELC – Admission for MBBS and other courses in CMC, Vellore for 2022 – list of Sponsored and rejected candidatesGeneral2022-06-21 06:38:36
21/06/2022IELC sponsored Ms. Angelin Vincy for PG Courses in CMC, VelloreGeneral2022-06-21 06:34:47
18/06/2022FINAL ELIGIBLE LIST OF CONGREGATIONS / PASTORATESElection2022-06-18 13:55:55
15/06/2022LAST DATE FOR REMITTANCE OF ASSESSMENT ON 15.06.2022Election2022-06-15 06:35:21
08/06/2022Circular – ElectionElection2022-06-08 13:43:22
07/06/2022Letter of the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary – furnished Probationers ListGeneral2022-06-07 07:00:02
06/06/2022CondolenceGeneral2022-06-06 07:17:48
04/06/2022Letter sent to Rev. Mohanan, Corporate Manager, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-06-04 16:15:27
04/06/2022Letter sent by Rev. Mohanan, Corporate Manager, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-06-04 16:12:26
31/05/2022ELECTION NOTIFICATION – 2Election2022-05-31 15:36:31
31/05/2022LAST DAY FOR REMITTANCE OF ASSESSMENTElection2022-05-31 05:14:48
27/05/2022Circular on Monthly AssessmentElection2022-05-27 13:10:25
24/05/2022CondolenceGeneral2022-05-24 07:55:22
23/05/2022Final opportunity for remitting of arrears of assessment – MalayalamElection2022-05-23 05:04:11
20/05/2022Reply mail sent to Ms. Lini Lawrence, Teacher, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-05-20 08:32:55
20/05/2022Mail received from Ms.Lini Lawrence, Teacher, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-05-20 08:29:03
20/05/2022Letter to all the Congregations / Pastors regarding admission in CMC, VelloreGeneral2022-05-20 06:18:31
20/05/2022Revised Circular regarding Admission in CMC, VelloreGeneral2022-05-20 05:28:39
19/05/2022Circular regarding admission in CMC, Vellore – fees exemptionGeneral2022-05-19 08:54:03
19/05/2022Circular regarding admission in CMC, VelloreGeneral2022-05-19 08:53:02
19/05/2022Final opportunity for remitting of arrears of assessment – English and TamilElection2022-05-19 07:00:33
19/05/2022Letter sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, ManagerTrivandrum2022-05-19 06:57:08
17/05/2022Letter sent to Rev.M. Mohanan, Manager, regarding the approval of appointmentsTrivandrum2022-05-17 05:52:56
17/05/2022Letter sent by Rev. M. Mohanan, Manager, enclosing order of appointmentsTrivandrum2022-05-17 05:49:26
17/05/2022Reply Letter sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, ManagerTrivandrum2022-05-17 05:47:05
17/05/2022Letter sent by Rev. M. Mohanan, ManagerTrivandrum2022-05-17 05:46:24
17/05/2022Medical Admission for Postgraduate (DCP, MD/MS/MCh Neurosurgery 6 yrs) courses at Christian Medical College, VelloreGeneral2022-05-17 05:39:16
17/05/2022Annual Membership Fee paid to CMC, VelloreGeneral2022-05-17 05:34:27
16/05/2022Circular on AssessmentElection2022-05-16 12:16:25
11/05/2022Circular of the AdministratorElection2022-05-11 13:04:31
11/05/2022Report of the Administrator on Immanuel Lutheran Church, Ambur in Ambur SynodElection2022-05-11 08:34:58
07/05/2022Admissions in CMC, Vellore for the year 2022General2022-05-07 10:36:51
30/04/2022Circular to all the CongregationsElection2022-04-30 09:46:07
30/04/2022CondolenceTrivandrum2022-04-30 09:44:14
22/04/2022Letter to all the Congregations regarding remittance of Monthly AssessmentElection2022-04-22 15:39:09
22/04/2022Letter to all Congregations / Pastors / the persons nominated by the congregations to conduct elections on 08.05.2022Election2022-04-22 06:22:11
22/04/2022The Registered Amendments dated 10.02.2022 to the 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-Laws – Tamil translationElection2022-04-22 05:52:06
21/04/2022Letter sent to Rev.Mohanan, ManagerTrivandrum2022-04-21 08:54:53
06/04/2022Letter sent to Rev. Mohanan, Manager, enclosing transfer order of Ms.Lini LawrenceTrivandrum2022-04-06 06:55:18
06/04/2022IELC candidates sponsored by CMC, Vellore for the Academic Year 2021General2022-04-06 06:51:50
28/03/2022Election Notification – 1Election2022-03-28 13:09:16
26/03/2022Mail from Mr.E.K. Nanda Kumar, Senior Advocate from Kerala, informing the status of W.P.(c) No. 8860 of 2022Trivandrum2022-03-26 07:14:05
26/03/2022Counter affidavit filed by the 3rd Respondent in W.P.(c) No. 8860 of 2022Trivandrum2022-03-26 07:10:43
26/03/2022Memorandum of Writ Petition in W.P.(c) No. 8860 of 2022 filed by Rev. Mohanan, ManagerTrivandrum2022-03-26 07:09:25
23/03/2022Letter to all the Congregations / PastoratesElection2022-03-23 05:52:03
22/03/2022Property Tax (part) paid to Ambur MunicipalityAmbur2022-03-22 08:30:19
22/03/2022CondolenceGeneral2022-03-22 08:01:42
21/03/2022CondolenceGeneral2022-03-21 05:31:49
16/03/2022Letter to the Congregations regarding elections – time granted till 25.03.2022Election2022-03-16 13:03:21
09/03/2022Property Tax – demand notice from Ambur MunicipalityAmbur2022-03-09 04:59:17
08/03/2022The Registered Amendments dated 10.02.2022 to the 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-Laws – printed versionElection2022-03-08 06:56:01
08/03/2022Letter to all the Congregations, Pastorates, Institutions – providing the printer version of Registered Amended Constitution and Bye-Laws of IELCElection2022-03-08 06:26:32
07/03/2022Final Reminder letter to all the CongregationsElection2022-03-07 16:21:52
05/03/2022Mail received from Smt. Reena, Teacher and forwarded the same to Rev.Mohanan, Manager, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-03-05 11:56:14
05/03/2022CondolenceGeneral2022-03-05 11:17:37
04/03/2022Mail sent to Rev. Mohanan, Manager, enclosing a letter from Assistant Education Officer, Thiruvannanthapuram (North) – regarding Sri. Jacob SajiTrivandrum2022-03-04 05:33:27
24/02/2022Letter sent to Rev. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-02-24 17:02:03
24/02/2022Letter to all the Congregations enclosing modified formatElection2022-02-24 06:16:18
22/02/2022Letter to all the Congregations / Pastorates of IELCElection2022-02-22 14:22:19
22/02/2022The Amended Constitution and Bye-Laws of IELC (11/1959), Registered by the Registrar of Societies, Central ChennaiElection2022-02-22 14:20:52
22/02/202218.02.2022 – Order of the Hon’ble Supreme CourtGeneral2022-02-22 13:35:20
22/02/2022Affidavit filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court in SLP (c) No. 18100 / 2021General2022-02-22 13:35:05
17/02/2022G.O.No.45 granting exemption to IELCGeneral2022-02-17 13:54:24
12/02/2022Letter sent to Rev.M. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum Synod regarding Mr.Delex SebstianTrivandrum2022-02-12 13:06:11
12/02/2022Letter from Rev.M.Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools of Trivandrum Synod regarding Mr. Delex SebastianTrivandrum2022-02-12 13:05:22
11/02/2022Letters received from Rev.M.Mohanan and the seniority listTrivandrum2022-02-11 07:50:22
10/02/2022Letter sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-02-10 11:59:45
05/02/2022Letter sent to Rev.M. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum Synod regarding Sri.Jacob SajiTrivandrum2022-02-05 10:37:14
05/02/2022Letter from Rev.M.Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools, Trivandrum Synod regarding Sri.Jacob SajiTrivandrum2022-02-05 10:35:38
04/02/2022Letter sent to Rev. Mohanan, Manager, Lutheran Schools at Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-02-04 06:16:07
01/02/2022Circular on FCRA for IELC-TAGeneral2022-02-01 06:32:11
29/01/2022Letter to all the Congregations requesting voters listElection2022-01-29 08:50:28
27/01/2022Letter sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, Manager – Lutheran Schools of Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-01-27 15:54:27
27/01/2022Reply from Rev. Mohanan, Manager – Lutheran Schools at Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-01-27 15:50:52
27/01/2022Mail from one Reena. V, Teacher – LMLPS Chullimanoor – TrivandrumTrivandrum2022-01-27 15:44:02
24/01/2022Letter to Rev. M. Mohanan, Manager, regarding Sri. Jacob Saji.E, HMTrivandrum2022-01-24 13:35:48
21/01/2022Order of the Land Tribunal Court, Kottarakkara, KeralaTrivandrum2022-01-21 07:15:29
20/01/2022Letter sent to Rev. M. Mohanan – regarding promotion / transfer in Lutheran Schools in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-01-20 11:45:25
20/01/2022Amendments to the 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-Laws – Existing and amended – submitted to the Registrar of SocietiesGeneral2022-01-20 07:36:26
04/01/2022Hon’ble Kerala High Court granted stay against Mr. Rabinson David, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2022-01-04 06:34:35
04/01/2022Amendments to the 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-Laws – submitted for registrationGeneral2022-01-04 06:19:48
04/01/2022Condolence messageTrivandrum2022-01-04 06:15:48
16/12/202116.12.2021 – order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and 09.12.2021 order of the Hon’ble Madras High CourtGeneral2021-12-16 12:46:05
14/12/2021Christmas Gift for 2021General2021-12-14 11:14:53
02/12/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-12-02 07:35:31
01/12/2021St. Mark Lutheran Church, Bungalowmedu – creation of new PastorateAmbur2021-12-01 10:29:17
27/11/2021Circular regarding the Lutheran Schools at Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-11-27 13:25:57
27/11/2021Letter to Rev. M. Mohanan, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-11-27 13:22:31
27/11/2021Reply mail sent Mr. Immanuel Rajasegaran, Allangkuppam PastorateAmbur2021-11-27 10:26:01
16/11/2021Proceedings of the Administrator regarding draft amendments to the 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-Laws – Extension of TimeGeneral2021-11-16 13:01:42
09/11/2021Draft Amendments to 1959 IELC Constitution and Bye-LawsGeneral2021-11-09 10:32:07
25/10/2021Reply mail sent to Karimaram Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-10-25 13:19:50
25/10/2021Letter sent to Zion Lutheran Nursery and Primary School at KuzhithuraiNagercoil2021-10-25 13:17:20
22/10/2021Reply mail sent to Mumbai (Marathi) CongregationAmbur2021-10-22 10:16:05
08/10/2021Letter sent the Sub Inspector of Police, Peroorkada Police Station, Trivandrum – regarding Mr. Robinson DavidTrivandrum2021-10-08 04:54:02
30/09/2021Circular regarding Ordination – Ambur SynodAmbur2021-09-30 09:35:39
25/09/2021Mail sent to Rev. Duraiarasu and Rev. K. Victor, AmburAmbur2021-09-25 11:26:31
23/09/2021Circular Regarding Ordination of CRMsGeneral2021-09-23 04:37:49
03/09/2021Letter sent to the Zion Lutheran Nursery & Primary School, KuzhithuraiNagercoil2021-09-03 08:49:07
30/08/2021Reply mail sent to Nachiyarkuppam Pastorate regarding Rev. Joshua AnanthAmbur2021-08-30 07:46:11
26/08/2021Letter sent to Rev. Joshua Anand, Pastor – Ambur SynodAmbur2021-08-26 12:54:54
23/08/2021Letter sent to the Assistant Engineer, Tamilnadu Electricity Board, AmburAmbur2021-08-23 10:02:54
21/08/2021Order of the Online transfer counselling for Nagercoil Synod for 2021 held on 21.08.2021Nagercoil2021-08-21 05:47:23
20/08/2021Nagercoil Synod – online transfer counselling for 2021 – to be held on 21.08.2021 – Zoom linkNagercoil2021-08-20 13:00:05
16/08/2021Circular – I – Regarding online transfer counselling for Nagercoil Synod for 2021 – Valliyoor Pastorate includedNagercoil2021-08-16 06:19:45
07/08/2021Proceedings regarding online transfer counselling for Nagercoil Synod for 2021Nagercoil2021-08-07 07:45:08
04/08/2021Circular regarding Nagercoil Synod online transfer counselling for 2021Nagercoil2021-08-04 11:05:14
31/07/2021Order of the Online Transfer Counselling for Trivandrum Synod for 2021Trivandrum2021-07-31 07:57:18
30/07/2021Online Trivandrum Synod Counselling for 2021 – Zoom linkTrivandrum2021-07-30 11:55:46
30/07/2021Letter sent to the Government of Kerala – against Mr. Robinson David, Trivandurm SynodTrivandrum2021-07-30 11:51:28
23/07/2021Circular regarding transfer counselling in Trivandrum Synod – CRMs in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-07-23 06:10:55
16/07/2021Revocation of Suspension of Rev. Sujith, Pastor, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-07-16 11:18:05
16/07/2021Online Transfer Counselling for Trivandrum Synod for 2021 – on 31.07.2021Trivandrum2021-07-16 11:14:58
15/07/2021CMC, Vellore – Entrance Examination – PostponedGeneral2021-07-15 06:26:29
14/07/2021Circular regarding the online transfer counselling in Tranvandrum Synod for 2021Trivandrum2021-07-14 11:27:26
12/07/2021Circular regarding Loan in Provident FundGeneral2021-07-12 06:54:54
06/07/2021CIRCULAR ON LCMS CORONO RELIEF FUND FOR 2ND WAVEGeneral2021-07-06 06:15:16
22/06/2021Circular regarding admission in CMC, Vellore – fees relaxationGeneral2021-06-22 09:21:32
22/06/2021Circular regarding admission in CMC, Vellore – last date for submission of application and other documentsGeneral2021-06-22 09:17:51
20/06/2021CMC, Vellore admission – list of online applications received as on 19.06.2021General2021-06-20 08:42:39
18/06/2021Circular regarding CMC, Vellore admission – issuing of certificatesGeneral2021-06-18 15:27:32
18/06/2021Circular regarding CMC, Vellore – AdmissionGeneral2021-06-18 15:25:55
12/06/2021CMC, Vellore admission – list of online applications received through e-mail – as on 11.06.2021General2021-06-12 08:02:24
03/06/2021Circular regarding admission in MBBS and other courses in CMC, VelloreGeneral2021-06-03 14:02:43
26/05/2021Bethesda Hospital – empty Cylinder to the Government – TemporarilyGeneral2021-05-26 14:09:46
09/05/2021Condolence MessageNagercoil2021-05-09 04:53:57
08/05/2021Condolence MessageTrivandrum2021-05-08 06:49:46
05/05/2021CMC, Vellore – Sponsorship for various courses – annexuresGeneral2021-05-05 08:14:02
05/05/2021CMC, Vellore – Sponsorship for various courses – Annexure for B.Sc. NursingGeneral2021-05-05 04:46:07
05/05/2021Condolence MessageAmbur2021-05-05 04:13:34
04/05/2021Letter from CMC, Vellore – Sponsorship for various courses – AnnexuresGeneral2021-05-04 06:18:01
04/05/2021Letter from CMC, Vellore – Sponsorship for various coursesGeneral2021-05-04 03:55:25
30/04/2021Condolence MessageAmbur2021-04-30 05:03:53
29/04/2021Reply mail sent to Andithoppur Pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2021-04-29 10:20:06
29/04/2021Online Transfer Counselling for Trivandrum Synod for 2021Trivandrum2021-04-29 10:09:18
27/04/2021Condolence messageGeneral2021-04-27 14:59:30
22/04/2021Circular – settlement of dues to workmen of Bethesda Hospital, Ambur – on 24.04.2021General2021-04-22 11:57:55
17/04/2021Condolence messageAmbur2021-04-17 06:33:10
16/04/2021Dr. Angelin Vincy – joining report – communication to CMC, VelloreGeneral2021-04-16 08:15:57
16/04/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-04-16 06:02:13
15/04/2021Condolence MessageTrivandrum2021-04-15 11:49:18
14/04/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. Suresh Paul Ebinezer, Pastor.Ambur2021-04-14 09:15:57
08/04/2021Memorandum of Agreement and Understanding with Dr. Arun Martin, MaduraiGeneral2021-04-08 16:27:37
05/04/2021Report submitted by Rev. Y.K. Mohandass, Pastor, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-04-05 13:48:21
05/04/2021Letter from Ramalingapuram Pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2021-04-05 13:46:13
05/04/2021Corrigendum to the Circular Dated 11.02.2021 on Assessment of Pastorates at Trivandrum Synod – VattaparaTrivandrum2021-04-05 13:43:05
03/04/2021HAPPY EASTERGeneral2021-04-03 10:30:15
29/03/2021Letter sent to Dr. Angelin Vincy.E, Christian Medical CollegeGeneral2021-03-29 09:13:34
29/03/2021Supervising Pastor in Oorgaum Pastorate, Karnataka CircleAmbur2021-03-29 09:12:03
18/03/2021Reply mail to Marathi Church, MumbaiAmbur2021-03-18 11:11:29
18/03/2021Reply mail sent to Aryanad PastorateTrivandrum2021-03-18 10:59:24
09/03/2021Corrigendum to the Circular on assessment dated 11.02.2021, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-03-09 09:23:42
06/03/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. Issac Shanmugam, Ambur SynodAmbur2021-03-06 09:22:18
06/03/2021Letter sent to Pastorates at Nagercoil Synod – Tamarind TreeNagercoil2021-03-06 09:15:06
06/03/2021Reply mail to Rev. Herbert Marshall, Retired Pastor, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-03-06 05:43:30
05/03/2021Reply mail to Chinnakamiyampattu, Thirupathoor, Ambur SynodAmbur2021-03-05 08:30:38
04/03/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. Sunil Brittlee, AmburAmbur2021-03-04 12:06:32
04/03/2021Letter sent to the Hope Foundation, BangaloreAmbur2021-03-04 11:59:46
04/03/2021Report of the Shopping complex at Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-03-04 10:34:13
03/03/2021Kattachakonam Pastorate, Trivandrum Synod – Merger and assessmentTrivandrum2021-03-03 11:13:30
02/03/2021Circular on Special Allowances / Hill AllowancesGeneral2021-03-02 11:40:30
16/02/2021Notification of CMC, VelloreGeneral2021-02-16 08:44:47
16/02/2021Reply mail sent to Mr. Jacob LeanderAmbur2021-02-16 08:43:45
11/02/2021Circular on Assessment – Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-02-11 06:09:52
11/02/2021Reply mail sent to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2021-02-11 05:44:35
11/02/2021Appointment of Mr.S.Shanmuga Sundaram as Correspondent of IELC Manns School for the Mentally Retarded and IELC School for the Blind at Bargur, Krishnagiri DistrictAmbur2021-02-11 05:39:06
10/02/2021Circular for Pension / family PensionGeneral2021-02-10 05:12:06
10/02/2021Condolence MessageTrivandrum2021-02-10 05:07:01
10/02/2021Condolence MessageAmbur2021-02-10 05:06:28
10/02/2021Condolence MessageAmbur2021-02-10 05:05:55
09/02/20213% Increase in Pastors Salary from 01.01.2021 – EnglishGeneral2021-02-09 12:19:33
09/02/20213% Increase in Pastors Salary from 01.01.2021 – TamilGeneral2021-02-09 12:18:35
08/02/2021Reply mail to Rev. Arul Alexander, Ambur SynodAmbur2021-02-08 08:24:12
03/02/2021Condolence MessageGeneral2021-02-03 05:56:49
29/01/2021Circular of the CMC, VelloreGeneral2021-01-29 10:27:04
28/01/2021Letter sent to Rev. Paul Ilayaraja, L.Mangkuppam Pastorate, AmburAmbur2021-01-28 11:41:46
25/01/2021Increase in Pension – Circular in EnglishGeneral2021-01-25 08:14:17
25/01/2021Increase in Pension – Circular in TamilGeneral2021-01-25 08:13:21
20/01/2021Letter sent by the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary, NagercoilGeneral2021-01-20 10:42:26
19/01/2021Letter sent to CMC, VelloreGeneral2021-01-19 12:01:46
19/01/2021Letter sent to the Block Education Officer, Kollegal, KarnatakaAmbur2021-01-19 11:31:38
19/01/2021Letter sent to the Block Education Officer, KGF, KarnatakaAmbur2021-01-19 11:08:24
19/01/2021St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Lalapet – New PastorateAmbur2021-01-19 10:47:48
31/12/2020New Year Wishes to all the IELC members !General2020-12-31 09:40:33
24/12/2020Merry Christmas to all the members of IELCGeneral2020-12-24 11:17:35
23/12/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-12-23 11:13:20
22/12/2020Christmas Gift for the year 2020General2020-12-22 11:04:11
18/12/2020Appointment order of Rev. Charles Manovah, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-12-18 11:58:13
18/12/2020Reply mail sent to the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary, NagercoilGeneral2020-12-18 11:57:08
18/12/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-12-18 07:53:57
18/12/2020Corona Relief Fund – Details of the Donations ReceivedGeneral2020-12-18 06:38:15
14/12/2020Letter sent to MR. Vipin G.Clement, Trivandrum Synod regarding his certificationTrivandrum2020-12-14 10:48:34
14/12/2020Letter sent to the CRMs – extended the probationary periodGeneral2020-12-14 10:47:28
14/12/2020Letter to the CRMs regarding their OrdinationsGeneral2020-12-14 10:13:57
14/12/2020Letter from the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil – Regarding CRM’s ordinationGeneral2020-12-14 05:46:10
12/12/2020Suspension order of Rev.W.Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-12-12 12:12:53
12/12/2020CMC, Vellore granted sponsorship to IELCGeneral2020-12-12 10:39:09
12/12/2020Regularization of Meenangadi Shopping Complex in WayanadTrivandrum2020-12-12 06:53:17
08/12/2020Concordia Higher Secondary School at Vadakankulam – submitted the income and expenditure of wood cuttingNagercoil2020-12-08 12:02:27
08/12/2020IELC – Corona Relief Fund from DonationsGeneral2020-12-08 11:15:05
07/12/2020Letter sent to Rev. Nehamiah, Pastor, KrishnagiriAmbur2020-12-07 06:26:30
03/12/2020Reply from the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagarcoil regarding the Ordination for CRMsGeneral2020-12-03 04:52:29
03/12/2020Letter sent to the Principal, Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil regarding Ordination for CRMsGeneral2020-12-03 04:34:46
01/12/2020Proceeding of the merger of the congregations at Kallicaud and Pantha with Mylakkara PastorateTrivandrum2020-12-01 07:19:30
01/12/2020Appointment of Supervising Pastors to CRMs posted in Nagercoil Synod through Online Counselling held on 30.10.2020Nagercoil2020-12-01 06:17:57
26/11/2020Appointment of Supervising Pastors to CRMs posted in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-11-26 06:52:18
26/11/2020Fixation of Assessment to the Merged Pastorates in Trivandrum Synod with effect from 01.11.2020Trivandrum2020-11-26 06:43:58
21/11/2020Proceeding relating to the online transfer counselling in Ambur Synod on 21.11.2020Ambur2020-11-21 07:59:40
21/11/2020Ambur Synod – Online Transfer Counselling for 2020 – ORDERAmbur2020-11-21 07:17:57
20/11/2020Online Transfer Counselling for Ambur Synod for 2020 – ZOOM LINK – CIRCULARAmbur2020-11-20 12:22:05
12/11/2020Proceeding regarding Ambur Synod online transfer counselling for the year 2020 – in TAMILAmbur2020-11-12 12:11:59
12/11/2020Ambur Synod online transfer counselling – Proceeding -I regarding revised list of Pastors / CRMsAmbur2020-11-12 07:11:17
11/11/2020Proceeding regarding Ambur Synod online transfer counselling for the year 2020Ambur2020-11-11 12:53:07
11/11/2020Letter sent to Mr. Christopher Selva Vinod, Periyakannagulam Pastorate in Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-11-11 04:30:30
10/11/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-11-10 09:40:18
10/11/2020Condolence MessageGeneral2020-11-10 08:42:12
07/11/2020Reply mail sent to Thanjavur pastorate regarding shopping complexNagercoil2020-11-07 16:53:41
07/11/2020Reply mail to Mr. Christopher Selva Vinod, PeriyakannakulamNagercoil2020-11-07 09:44:30
06/11/2020Reply mail sent to Kanjirankulam Pastorate and to Rev. Sujith, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-11-06 11:15:12
05/11/2020Letter sent to the Choolaimedu pastorate, Ambur Synod – Reply to the mailAmbur2020-11-05 09:15:07
03/11/2020Order issued to Rev. C. Ravi posting as Pastor at Puthalam pastorateNagercoil2020-11-03 08:59:37
03/11/2020Rev. C. Ravi, Pastor, handed over possession of the 4 shops / rooms within the premises of St.Luke’s Lutheran Church Compound at Thanjavur on 02.11.2020Nagercoil2020-11-03 08:51:51
03/11/2020Online Transfer Counselling for Ambur Synod for the year 2020 – CIRCULARAmbur2020-11-03 07:40:53
03/11/2020Letter Sent to the Trinity Lutheran Church, VinnamangalamAmbur2020-11-03 07:00:18
02/11/2020Mail sent to Kanjirankulam Pastorate in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-11-02 09:16:08
30/10/2020Online transfer counselling for Nagercoil Synod for the year 2020 – on 30.10.2020 – ORDERNagercoil2020-10-30 06:46:47
29/10/2020ZOOM LINKNagercoil2020-10-29 07:14:55
28/10/2020Reply mail sent to the Chalaikonam pastorateTrivandrum2020-10-28 12:23:24
26/10/2020Nagercoil Synod counselling- the list of pastorates for transfer counselling with their preferential choiceNagercoil2020-10-26 12:05:11
26/10/2020Letter sent to the Superintendent of Police, Thanjavur and the Inspector of Police, Thanjavur Medical College Police Station to evict Rev.C. Ravi from 4 rooms/shops at ThanjavurNagercoil2020-10-26 06:22:31
24/10/2020Reply mail sent Rev. Y. Sukumaran, TrivandrumTrivandrum2020-10-24 12:57:09
24/10/2020Reply mail sent to Chalaikonam Pastorate, cancellation order for Rev. Santhosh Raj and order issued to Rev. G. Justin RajTrivandrum2020-10-24 12:52:57
24/10/2020Condolence MessageAmbur2020-10-24 04:45:09
23/10/2020Proceeding for the online transfer counselling for Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-10-23 11:41:35
23/10/2020Proceeding regarding Nagercoil Synod online transfer counselling for the year 2020Nagercoil2020-10-23 11:39:54
23/10/2020Merger order of Thanjavur pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-10-23 07:19:34
23/10/2020Proceedings for transfer of Tamil Pastorates from Ponvila Circle of Trivandrum Synod to Colechel Circle of Nagercoil SynodNagercoil, Trivandrum2020-10-23 05:53:58
20/10/2020Order issued to Rev. M. Sunil, Thittakudy pastorateTrivandrum2020-10-20 12:00:06
20/10/2020Order issued to Rev. J. Vinod, Aryanad PastorateTrivandrum2020-10-20 09:22:11
20/10/2020Order issued to Vanniyoor PastorateNagercoil2020-10-20 09:20:00
20/10/2020Letter to the Secretary, CMC, Vellore -Annual Membership Subscription for the year 2020-21 – PAIDGeneral2020-10-20 08:36:59
15/10/2020List furnished by the both the groups of Nagercoil Synod for the transfer counselling for the year 2020Nagercoil2020-10-15 11:26:22
15/10/2020Letter sent to Rev. C. Ravi enclosing the order dated 01.10.2020 of the Hon’ble Madras High CourtNagercoil2020-10-15 08:35:57
15/10/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. C. Kumanan, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-10-15 06:45:02
14/10/2020Reply mail sent to Puthalam pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-10-14 11:44:15
14/10/2020Reply mail sent to Chalaikonam pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-14 11:39:45
14/10/2020Direction given to the Hope Foundation, BengaluruGeneral2020-10-14 08:17:39
12/10/2020Order issued to Kuzhithurai PastorateNagercoil, Trivandrum2020-10-12 12:12:00
12/10/2020Reply mail sent to Chalaikonam pastorate, Lutherigir CirlceTrivandrum2020-10-12 10:26:54
12/10/2020Correction in the name of CRM in the transfer orderTrivandrum2020-10-12 07:50:17
12/10/2020Order issued to Rev. Santhosh Raj, Chalaikonam Pastorate of Luthergiri CircleTrivandrum2020-10-12 07:48:51
10/10/2020Trivandurm Synod Transfer Counselling for the year 2020 – Order passedTrivandrum2020-10-10 12:57:46
09/10/2020Circular – II- ZOOM IDTrivandrum2020-10-09 13:17:33
09/10/2020Reply mail sent to Chenganvila Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-09 08:09:28
08/10/2020Reply mail sent to Malayeenkeezh Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-08 13:41:53
08/10/2020Revised list of Pastors for Transfer Counselling for the year 2020 in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-08 13:01:44
07/10/2020Contact Details of the Pastorates, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-07 13:19:13
07/10/2020Reply mail sent to Grace Lutheran Church, Panagodu, Venganoor in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-07 07:11:49
06/10/2020Trivandrum Synod – Transfer Counselling for 2020 – The Pastorates sent their list of Pastors of their Preferential choceTrivandrum2020-10-06 11:49:19
06/10/2020Regarding the Church Membership Certificate to Master Deepak K.R. in Aryanad PastorateTrivandrum2020-10-06 09:23:15
06/10/2020Corrigendum – I to the proceedings of the Administrator-IELC dated 01.10.2020 regarding online transfer counselling for Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-06 07:38:47
05/10/2020Corrected Corrigendum to the proceedings of the Administrator-IELC dated 01.10.2020 regarding online transfer counselling for Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-05 13:06:44
05/10/2020Corrigendum to the proceedings of the Administrator-IELC dated 01.10.2020 regarding online transfer counselling for Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-05 08:50:49
05/10/2020Circular to the IELC Schools – Recruitment under Noon Meal Scheme in Ambur and Nagercoil SynodGeneral2020-10-05 08:38:36
03/10/2020Reply mail sent to Vadakara Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-10-03 08:41:45
01/10/2020Communication regarding the transfer counselling in Ambur Synod for the year 2020Ambur2020-10-01 11:37:32
01/10/2020Communication regarding the Transfer Counselling in Nagercoil Synod for the year 2020Nagercoil2020-10-01 11:33:40
01/10/2020Merger of Pastorates and Transfer Counselling in Trivandrum Synod for the year 2020Trivandrum2020-10-01 11:01:18
30/09/2020Mail sent to Puthukulam Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-30 11:50:17
30/09/2020Mail sent to Vadakara Church, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-30 11:49:15
29/09/2020Letter from the Office of the Collector, Thirupathur DistrictAmbur2020-09-29 11:24:01
29/09/2020Letter sent to the District Collector, Thirupathur District – Ambur landAmbur2020-09-29 11:22:53
29/09/2020Condolence MessageGeneral2020-09-29 10:29:55
28/09/2020Mail sent to the Principal, IELC School in PeroorkadaTrivandrum2020-09-28 12:06:08
28/09/2020Mail sent to the Principal, IELC School in AlapuzhaTrivandrum2020-09-28 12:04:55
28/09/2020Circular relating to admission of students in +1 course under Management Quota in Trivandum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-28 12:00:04
24/09/2020Mail from Rev. Y. Christopher, Trivandrum Synod relating to merger and transferTrivandrum2020-09-24 08:13:31
24/09/2020Mail from Rev. R. Vijayakumar relating to Merger and transferTrivandrum2020-09-24 08:12:40
24/09/2020Letter sent to the Principal, Lutheran Higher Secondary Schools, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-24 06:54:16
21/09/2020Transfer List – Trivandrum Synod – 2020Trivandrum2020-09-21 11:43:26
21/09/2020M.V. Kuppam Pastorate, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-09-21 08:46:48
21/09/2020Condolence MessageTrivandrum2020-09-21 08:26:48
17/09/2020Letter sent to Rev. J. Mohanraj, Rev. Mohanan and Rev. Y. Sukumaran, Trivandrum Synod communicating the orders dated 25.08.2020 and 08.09.2020Trivandrum2020-09-17 10:19:32
14/09/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. R.C. Navaraj, KrishnagiriAmbur2020-09-14 06:02:47
14/09/2020Order of the Principal Munsiff Court, Neyyattingara, Kerala StateTrivandrum2020-09-14 04:46:46
05/09/2020Mail sent to Rev. Mohanan, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-05 09:03:47
05/09/2020Reply mail to Rev. Mohan Raj, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-05 09:01:42
03/09/2020Malayinkeezh Pastorate, Trivandrum Synod – Mail conversationTrivandrum2020-09-03 10:08:11
03/09/2020Malayinkeezh Pastorate, Trivandrum Synod – Mail conversationTrivandrum2020-09-03 10:04:19
03/09/2020Message to all the Congregations of the IELC (English & Tamil)General2020-09-03 09:47:46
02/09/2020Order of the Hon’ble Madras High court dated 25.08.2020General2020-09-02 07:24:49
02/09/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. J. Mohan Raj, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-09-02 07:12:46
02/09/2020Mail sent by Rev. J. Mohan Raj, Trivandurm SynodTrivandrum2020-09-02 07:07:18
29/08/2020IELC-TA – Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Madras High Court order dated 28.08.2020Nagercoil2020-08-29 08:17:15
29/08/2020IELC-TA – Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Memo-XII – Typed set of documentsNagercoil2020-08-29 07:46:35
29/08/2020IELC-TA – Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Memo-XII filledNagercoil2020-08-29 07:45:29
30/07/2020Relieving order of Rev. Y. Sukumaran, Malayinkizh Pastorate, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-07-30 10:46:42
28/07/2020Letter sent to all the tenants, Thanjavur Shopping ComplexNagercoil2020-07-28 13:36:11
28/07/2020Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Madras High Court order dated 24.07.2020Nagercoil2020-07-28 13:34:20
24/07/2020IELC-TA – Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Memo filed – Typed set of documentsNagercoil2020-07-24 14:22:04
24/07/2020IELC-TA – Thanjavur Shopping Complex – Memo filedNagercoil2020-07-24 08:53:00
17/07/2020Appreciation to the Teachers of the IELC Concordia Higher Secondary School at BargurAmbur2020-07-17 07:12:41
17/07/202012 std. 100% Results in the IELC Concordia Higher Secondary School, BargurAmbur2020-07-17 07:10:42
02/07/2020Letter sent to the Inspector of Police, Ambur – Hindu Aided School at PeriyankuppamAmbur2020-07-02 16:26:05
30/06/2020Mail sent to Rev. R. Viajayakumar, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-06-30 13:45:00
30/06/2020List for Transfer of Pastors in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-06-30 13:42:51
30/06/2020Reply mail sent to Chullimanoor Pastorate for transfer of Rev. Santhosh RajTrivandrum2020-06-30 13:39:24
29/06/2020Reply mail sent to Chenganvila Pastorate – Regarding Rev. M. Mohanan transferTrivandrum2020-06-29 07:25:54
29/06/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. R. Vijayakumar, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-06-29 07:18:48
19/06/2020Letter sent to Rev. R. Vijayakumar and Rev. Y. Christopher, Trivandrum SynodGeneral2020-06-19 07:47:49
18/06/2020Disbursement of Relief Fund – Thanks mail and Report to the LCMSGeneral2020-06-18 10:09:52
18/06/2020Letter sent to the CEO & DEO, Tirunelveli DistrictNagercoil2020-06-18 05:39:52
18/06/2020Letter sent to the CEO & DEO, Kanyakumari DistrictNagercoil2020-06-18 05:35:29
18/06/2020Order of the Madras High Court dated 16.03.2020General2020-06-18 05:12:38
18/06/2020Common Order passed for the Teachers and Non-Teaching staff of the Concordia Schools at Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-06-18 03:24:42
17/06/2020Web copy of the Madras High Court Order dated 12.06.2020General2020-06-17 04:39:22
27/05/2020Relieving order of Rev. J. Stephen, Punnakulam, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-05-27 15:54:34
19/05/2020LCMS provided Disaster Relief Fund to the IELCGeneral2020-05-19 12:50:07
19/05/2020The LCMS – Corona Disaster Relief Fund – Reg.General2020-05-19 10:55:04
16/05/2020Mail sent to Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Seva Bharat TrustGeneral2020-05-16 07:38:18
15/05/2020Reply mail sent to Mr. Benjamine FranklinGeneral2020-05-15 07:12:27
15/05/2020Reply mail sent to Thazhakudy Pastorate, NagercoilNagercoil2020-05-15 07:05:36
15/05/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. Sathish Kumar, AmburAmbur2020-05-15 07:03:27
09/05/2020Reply mail sent Mr. Prasanna KumarGeneral2020-05-09 11:48:12
07/05/2020Mail sent to the Seva Bharat TrustGeneral2020-05-07 08:10:05
23/04/2020Reply mail sent to Mr. Lawrence Inbaraj, AmburAmbur2020-04-23 07:32:15
16/04/2020Condolence Message !!General2020-04-16 09:37:03
13/04/2020Appeal for donations to the Corona Disaster Relief Fund in the IELC (Malayalam)General2020-04-13 07:35:27
12/04/2020Easter greetings to all the IELC members !!!!!General2020-04-12 07:06:17
11/04/2020Appeal to the members, office bearers and the pastors of the churches in IELC (Malayalam)General2020-04-11 18:01:06
10/04/2020Appeal for donations to the Corona Disaster Relief Fund in IELCGeneral2020-04-10 11:48:46
09/04/2020Appeal to the members, office bearers and the pastors of the churches in IELCGeneral2020-04-09 09:20:36
09/04/2020Reply mail sent to Rev. Rajagambeeram, AmburGeneral2020-04-09 06:54:39
20/03/2020Important Announcement to all the Churches of the IELC – regarding Corona Virus (COVID-19)General2020-03-20 06:52:25
20/03/2020Letter of the Chief Educational Officer, Krishnagiri DistrictAmbur2020-03-20 06:49:20
18/03/2020Order of the Hon’ble High Court dated 02.03.2020 – directed the Retired Pastors to vacate the ParsonageGeneral2020-03-18 07:21:15
18/03/2020Letter to Rev. Jennish Issac Raj, Kodungulam PastorateNagercoil2020-03-18 06:50:19
13/03/2020New building inauguration ceremony of Our MELIM Primary School Vadakangulam – under the sponsorship of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power ProjectNagercoil2020-03-13 07:22:36
13/03/2020Notice issued to all the shopping complex at Thanjavur in Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2020-03-13 07:08:06
11/03/2020Reminder to all the Schools at Ambur SynodAmbur2020-03-11 11:08:43
11/03/2020Trivandrum Synod VisitTrivandrum2020-03-11 11:08:07
05/03/2020Reply mail sent Mr. G. Kumar, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-03-05 05:53:16
05/03/2020Mail sent to Rev. K. Victor and group, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-03-05 05:52:07
28/02/2020Digital Transformation Project of the IELC – Trust Association property documentsGeneral2020-02-28 12:16:14
27/02/2020Letter sent to the the Melpuram Pastorate – Moving the pastorate from Trivandrum Synod to Nagercoil synodNagercoil2020-02-27 04:42:26
27/02/2020Order of the Hon’ble Madras High court dated 05.02.2020 – Retired Pastors occupying the Parsonage – Reg.General2020-02-27 04:35:34
14/02/2020Letter sent to the CEOs / DEO of Vellore and Krishnagiri DistrictsAmbur2020-02-14 09:19:48
13/02/2020Letter to all the IELC Schools in Ambur SynodAmbur2020-02-13 05:07:41
06/02/2020Mail sent by Rev. P.N. GopinathanNagercoil2020-02-06 04:40:54
05/02/2020Letter sent to the Retired Pastors of Ambur SynodAmbur2020-02-05 09:43:46
05/02/2020Provident Fund (PF) dues settled to the retired Pastors in Nagercoil and Trivandrum Synod.General2020-02-05 09:37:22
03/02/2020Letter to the Commissioner, Krishnagiri – payment of property taxGeneral2020-02-03 07:51:32
03/02/2020Letter to the Commissioner, Ambur Municipality – payment of property taxGeneral2020-02-03 07:49:35
03/02/2020Letter sent to the Commissioner, Nagercoil City Corporation – Payment of Property TaxGeneral2020-02-03 07:48:26
31/01/2020Letter sent to Mrs. J. Shironmani Moses, Gundlupet, KarnatakaAmbur2020-01-31 12:23:38
31/01/2020Letter sent to Rev. D. Solomon, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-01-31 12:22:48
31/01/2020Letter sent to Rev. T. Edison (Retd.), Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2020-01-31 06:20:49
30/01/2020Letter to all the Schools in Ambur SynodAmbur2020-01-30 05:18:30
28/01/2020Letter sent to PensionersGeneral2020-01-28 11:16:23
28/01/2020Letter sent to the retired Pastors – parsonageGeneral2020-01-28 11:15:26
26/01/2020Letter to Santrorkuppam Pastorate, AmburAmbur2020-01-26 02:59:18
25/01/2020Letter sent to Santrorkuppam PastorateAmbur2020-01-25 04:10:36
25/01/2020Mail sent to Santrorkuppam Pastorate, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-01-25 04:06:22
22/01/2020Mail sent by Mr. Jones Prasana Doss, AmburGeneral2020-01-22 11:10:00
22/01/2020Order of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras dated 18.12.2019Ambur2020-01-22 10:29:07
20/01/2020Letter to Retired Pastor / Staff of Nagercoil Synod and Traivandrum SynodGeneral2020-01-20 11:26:00
20/01/2020Bethesda Nursing Institute at Ambur – ClosureGeneral2020-01-20 11:24:23
20/01/2020Communication from CMC, VelloreGeneral2020-01-20 11:23:20
07/01/2020Letters to the Educational Authorities, Ambur Synod – Mr. S. Shanmuga Sundaram, appointed as Correspondent for all the SchoolsAmbur2020-01-07 04:21:21
06/01/2020Mail sent to the the Secretary, Alangkuppam Pastorate, Ambur SynodAmbur2020-01-06 11:10:52
06/01/2020Cancellation Correspondentship of IELC Aided Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High School and Higher Secondary Schools at Ambur SynodAmbur2020-01-06 11:07:28
06/01/2020Recruitment of Teachers at Deaf School at AmburAmbur, Nagercoil2020-01-06 10:47:42
26/12/2019Letter sent to Rev. T. Devadas (Retd.), KodaikanalNagercoil2019-12-26 10:55:39
26/12/2019Letter sent to Rev. P.N. Gopinathan, KodaikanalNagercoil2019-12-26 10:54:47
26/12/2019Reply mail sent to Rev. Gladson PremkumarAmbur2019-12-26 10:54:05
26/12/2019Reply mail sent to Rev. A. MohanNagercoil2019-12-26 10:52:54
24/12/2019Greetings to all the IELC Members !!!General2019-12-24 17:10:40
24/12/2019Legal Notice issued to Hindu Aided Elementary School, PeriyankuppamAmbur2019-12-24 06:17:16
23/12/2019Legal Notice issued to Mrs. Siva Bathra, Nagercoil – Land Dispute at Chungankadai, NagercoilNagercoil2019-12-23 07:40:23
18/12/2019Concordia High School, Bargur – New Building Open – InvitationAmbur2019-12-18 11:25:33
18/12/2019Letter to Rev. P. N. Gopinathan, Secretary – IELCNagercoil2019-12-18 09:58:11
18/12/2019Mail sent to Ms. Glory Rosaline, Headmistress, Concordia High School at BargurAmbur2019-12-18 09:52:26
18/12/2019Mail sent to Mr. Nesan, L.Manguppam, AmburAmbur2019-12-18 09:43:39
13/12/2019Report of the Visit to Grace Lutheran Church, Arapalayam, Madurai CircleNagercoil2019-12-13 10:35:56
13/12/2019Letter sent to the Director of General Education, Trivandrum, KeralaTrivandrum2019-12-13 05:26:33
13/12/2019Letter from the Block Health Officer, VadakkankulamNagercoil2019-12-13 05:08:25
25/11/2019Letters for clearing the dense bushes at Mission Compound of the IELC in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-11-25 07:18:01
25/11/2019Letters sent to the Block Medical Officer, Vadakankulam, Tirunelveli DistrictNagercoil2019-11-25 06:26:29
23/11/2019Bethesda Hospital, Ambur – List of CasesGeneral2019-11-23 07:43:34
19/11/2019Letter sent to Rev. K. Victor, President Ambur SynodAmbur2019-11-19 07:52:26
19/11/2019Authorisation Letter to Rev. Y. Suvisesha Muthu, President – IELC – Lutheran Middle School, Maruhalthalai, Kanyakumari DistrictNagercoil2019-11-19 07:50:22
19/11/2019Mr. P. Christopher Selva Vinod, CRM – CommunicationsNagercoil2019-11-19 07:48:06
16/11/2019Letter sent to Rev. LSD. Gladson Premkumar, AmburAmbur2019-11-16 06:29:55
16/11/2019Letter sent to Rev. LSD. Gladson Premkumar, AmburAmbur2019-11-16 06:24:05
09/11/2019Letter sent to the Deputy Collector, Mumbai regarding CDC authorizationAmbur2019-11-09 06:14:26
09/11/2019Letter sent to Mr.P. Christopher, CDC, MumbaiAmbur2019-11-09 06:11:45
09/11/2019Letter sent to Mr.P.Christoher, CDC, MumbaiAmbur2019-11-09 06:06:13
09/11/2019Letter sent to the President / Secretary of Mumbai Mesiah Malayalam Lutheran Church, MumbaiAmbur2019-11-09 06:05:07
30/10/2019Greetings to all the believers in the IELC !General2019-10-30 10:47:36
29/10/2019Notice issued to M/s. S.S. Associates, MaduraiNagercoil2019-10-29 07:28:20
29/10/2019Notice issued to Mr. K. Loganathan, MaduraiNagercoil2019-10-29 07:26:32
29/10/2019Letter sent to the Registrar of Companies, ChennaiGeneral2019-10-29 07:25:03
09/10/2019Reply mail sent to Mr. Lawrence Inbaraj and Mr. Elliah Charles, Ambur & Reply received from themAmbur2019-10-09 12:42:54
03/10/2019Letter sent to the Educational Authorities, Trivandrum Synod, KeralaTrivandrum2019-10-03 06:30:41
03/10/2019Reply from few Schools, AmburAmbur2019-10-03 06:27:43
03/10/2019Letter sent to Mr. John Wilson Azaria, AmburAmbur2019-10-03 06:24:29
03/10/2019Letter sent to the Teachers, Ambur SynodAmbur2019-10-03 06:22:24
03/10/2019Letter sent to the concerned Headmasters in Ambur SynodAmbur2019-10-03 06:12:29
25/09/2019Letter sent to the Teachers in Ambur SynodAmbur2019-09-25 11:46:18
25/09/2019Reply mail sent to the Head Master Lutheran School Home for the Deaf & Deaf Blind, Vellore and Rev. Milton Aun RajAmbur2019-09-25 09:01:26
25/09/2019Mail sent to Rev. R. Viajyakumar regarding the Manager of the Lutheran Schools at Trivandrum Synod – enclosing the representations from TVM synod also.Trivandrum2019-09-25 08:56:06
25/09/2019Letter sent to the Director of General Education, TrivandrumTrivandrum2019-09-25 07:25:50
25/09/2019An Order sent to Rev. M. Mohanan, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-09-25 07:23:56
25/09/2019Letter sent to the Chief Educational Officer, Vellore and the District Educational Officer, VaniyambadiAmbur2019-09-25 07:22:20
25/09/2019Minutes of the meeting held on 18.09.2019General2019-09-25 07:19:23
25/09/2019Letter sent to the Chief Educational Officer, Vellore and the District Educational Officer, VaniyambadiAmbur2019-09-25 07:08:13
25/09/2019Promotion order to Tmt. K.V. Mary SugunaAmbur2019-09-25 07:07:01
25/09/2019Proceeding of the Administrator promoting Tmt. K.V. Mary Suguna as PG Asst. (History)Ambur2019-09-25 07:06:17
23/07/2019Letter sent to the District Differently Abled Welfare Office, KrishnagiriAmbur2019-07-23 09:54:48
25/09/2019Dr. S. Mohan Doss, appointed as Correspondent for the Deaf Schools at Vellore and AmburAmbur2019-09-25 07:01:49
23/07/2019Suspension Order to Thiru. C. David Raj, Secondary Grade Teacher, Concordia Lutheran High School, KalparaipottaiNagercoil2019-07-23 09:52:02
13/09/2019Minutes of the meeting held on 10.09.2019General2019-09-13 04:46:31
23/07/2019Letter sent to the Education Departments – R. Benjamin, Secondary Grade Teacher, VaniyambadiAmbur2019-07-23 09:50:05
12/09/2019Foundation stone laid at IELC Vadakankulam School under Kudankulam Nuclear Power ProjectNagercoil2019-09-12 10:52:57
23/07/2019Letter sent the Chief Educational Officer, Krishnagiri DistrictAmbur2019-07-23 09:44:54
12/09/2019Letter sent to Special Thasildhar,Nanguneri, Tirunelveli districtNagercoil2019-09-12 10:42:13
23/07/2019Letter sent to the Office Bearers of the Chendathoor PastorateAmbur2019-07-23 09:43:21
12/09/2019Legal Notice served on Vellore Property matterGeneral2019-09-12 10:27:22
10/07/2019The CMC Vellore Association – Sponsorship PrivilegesGeneral2019-07-10 13:13:11
12/09/2019Letter sent to Mr. K. Baul Sundar, Headmaster, NagercoilNagercoil2019-09-12 10:23:53
09/07/2019Letter sent Puthalam Pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-07-09 12:34:28
12/09/2019Clarification for the e-mail dated 02.08.2019Ambur2019-09-12 10:07:52
09/07/2019Letter sent to Rev. Sasi Paul (Retd.), Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-07-09 11:15:06
11/09/2019Letter sent to Mr. A. Vijayakumar, AmburAmbur2019-09-11 09:24:07
04/07/2019Corrected version of the deliberation report of Trivandrum Synod pastors transfer counsellingTrivandrum2019-07-04 10:40:04
11/09/2019Mr. Viajayakumar, handed over the Bethesda School of Nursing BusAmbur2019-09-11 09:23:08
03/07/2019The deliberations of the Trivandrum Synod Pastors transfer counsellingTrivandrum2019-07-03 11:35:24
11/09/2019Happy Onam Festival To All Our IELC Members !!General2019-09-11 06:24:59
02/07/2019A mail sent to the Headmistress, Concordia Higher Secondary School, AmburAmbur2019-07-02 08:42:19
11/09/2019Letter sent to Kappukadu Pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-09-11 06:03:15
26/06/2019Expenditure incurred for the borewell service at the IELC Head Quaters, ChennaiGeneral2019-06-26 11:12:46
11/09/2019Letter sent to Rev. A. Mohan, Kodaikanal PastorateNagercoil2019-09-11 05:54:56
26/06/2019Letter to the Vaanmalar Pastorate, ChennaiAmbur2019-06-26 11:06:31
06/09/2019Reply mail sent to Chalaikonam PastorateTrivandrum2019-09-06 05:13:03
26/06/2019Letter sent to Tmt. Mariya Therus, Concordia Higher Secondary School, Vadakkangulam, Tirunelveli DistrictNagercoil2019-06-26 05:49:27
06/09/2019Hon’ble Madras High Court Order, dated 05.08.2019General2019-09-06 05:09:24
26/06/2019Letter sent Tmt. Grace Selin Rani, Concordia Higher Secondary School, Vadakangulam, Tirunelveli DistrictNagercoil2019-06-26 05:47:07
05/09/2019Letter sent to the Teachers of the Concordia Higher Secondary School, AmburAmbur2019-09-05 10:56:18
26/06/2019Letter sent to the Thuthipet – A PastorateAmbur2019-06-26 05:41:02
30/08/2019Letter sent by Mr. Benniman, AmburAmbur2019-08-30 13:35:35
24/06/2019Letter sent to Puthalam Pastorate, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-06-24 09:06:12
30/08/2019Letter sent to the Education Committee, Ambur SynodAmbur2019-08-30 13:10:07
24/06/2019A letter from Rev. J. Samuel, Former President – IELC – regarding Vellore ScamAmbur2019-06-24 08:55:32
30/08/2019Reply mail sent to Mr. S. Muthuraj, NagercoilNagercoil2019-08-30 12:59:47
24/06/2019Reply sent to the District Differently Abled Welfare Office, ThoothukudiNagercoil2019-06-24 08:47:34
29/08/2019Mail sent to the Education Committee, Ambur SynodAmbur2019-08-29 09:47:52
24/06/201910th & 12th results of the Concordia Schools in Ambur SynodAmbur2019-06-24 08:10:20
28/08/2019Letter sent to the Teachers of the Concordia Higher Secondary School, VaniyambadiAmbur2019-08-28 08:44:00
21/06/2019Letter sent to the Vaanmalar Lutheran Church, ChennaiAmbur2019-06-21 11:59:08
28/08/2019Letter sent to the Teachers of the Concordia Higher Secondary School, AmburAmbur2019-08-28 08:42:25
21/06/2019Letter sent to the new Pastorate of Ambur SynodAmbur2019-06-21 11:58:00
21/08/2019Retired Pastors Pension regardingGeneral2019-08-21 09:58:44
21/06/2019Letter sent to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, BangaloreAmbur2019-06-21 11:56:55
21/08/2019Reply mail sent to Chalaikonam PastorateTrivandrum2019-08-21 06:06:14
21/06/2019Letter sent to the Valayampattu Pastorate, Ambur SynodAmbur2019-06-21 11:55:28
20/08/2019Reply from Mr. A. Vijayakumar, AmburAmbur2019-08-20 07:36:39
13/08/2019Letter sent Mr. A. Vijayakumar, AmburAmbur2019-08-13 05:45:10
21/06/2019Letter sent to the District Educationa Officer, Vaniyambadi, Vellore DistrictAmbur2019-06-21 11:53:53
19/08/2019Letter sent to Rev. A. Mohan, Kodaikanal PastorateNagercoil2019-08-19 12:44:46
13/06/2019Kodaikanal Visit remarksGeneral2019-06-13 12:18:38
13/08/2019Reply sent to the Joint Director (Secondary Education), ChennaiAmbur2019-08-13 04:40:23
20/06/2019A mail sent by Rev. D.S. Christudoss regarding Vellore property scamAmbur2019-06-20 07:20:22
19/08/2019Mail sent to the Office BearersGeneral2019-08-19 12:43:05
13/06/2019A letter sent by Rev. R. Vijayakumar on 11.06.2019 by mail to the AdministratorTrivandrum2019-06-13 11:11:17
12/08/2019The Pension payment to the retired Pastors are not made since Rev. Jacob Sudhakar (Retd.), who is a co-signatary, has not signed the chequesGeneral2019-08-12 14:18:54
17/06/2019Bethesda Workmen settlementsGeneral2019-06-17 08:07:26
19/08/2019Reply mail sent to Rev. Jacob Sudhakaran (Retd.)General2019-08-19 11:28:12
13/06/2019The list of the regular communicant members of Mylakkara Lutheran Church sent by Rev. R. Vijayakumar, by mail on 12.06.2019 to the AdministratorTrivandrum2019-06-13 11:10:15
07/08/2019Letter sent to the Assistant P.F. Commissioner (Compliance), VelloreAmbur2019-08-07 12:20:04
15/06/2019IELC – TA – Vellore property scam – mail sent by Rev. Y. Suvisesha Muthu, PresidentGeneral2019-06-15 15:48:07
16/08/2019Letter sent to Mr. C. David Raj – enclosing the suspension orderNagercoil2019-08-16 09:42:03
13/06/2019A meeting with Dr. Solomon Sathish Kumar, Secretary, Christian Medical College Association, VelloreGeneral2019-06-13 11:03:31
05/08/2019Approval of the Chief Educational Officer (CEO), KrishnagiriAmbur2019-08-05 05:17:59
14/06/2019IELC-TA – Vellore property scamGeneral2019-06-14 06:29:48
16/08/2019Authorisation letter to Rev. Y. Suvisesha Muthu – Kudangulam Nuclear Power ProjectNagercoil2019-08-16 09:39:16
13/06/2019Reply Mail sent to Mylakkara Pastorate, Trivandrum Synod on 11.06.2019Trivandrum2019-06-13 10:16:55
03/08/2019Letter sent to the Teachers of Valliyoor Concordia Higher Secondary SchoolNagercoil2019-08-03 11:55:45
13/06/2019Reason for the cancellation of Transfer counselling scheduled on 27th May 2019 in Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-06-13 12:23:00
13/06/2019Reply mail sent to Rev. J. Mohan Raj, President, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-06-13 10:03:43
29/07/2019Letter sent by Mrs. K.V. Mary Suguna, Teacher, Concordia Higher Secondary School, AmburAmbur2019-07-29 11:17:19
11/06/2019Revised letter to all the Pastorate of Ambur and Nagercoil SynodGeneral2019-06-11 09:38:58
29/07/2019Letter sent by Mrs. S. Eunice Chandrothayam, Headmistress, Concordia Higher Secondary SchoolAmbur2019-07-29 11:15:26
08/06/2019Bethesda Nursing Institute Admission – NoticeAmbur2019-06-08 13:53:44
29/07/2019Letter sent to the Non-Teaching staff of Valliyoor Concordia Higher Secondary SchoolNagercoil2019-07-29 11:08:21
07/06/2019The deliberation report of the Nagercoil Synod counselling held on 21st & 22nd 2019 at NagercoilNagercoil2019-06-07 09:54:49
29/07/2019Letter sent to Mr. Suthakumar, Ambur – Security purposeAmbur2019-07-29 09:37:50
06/06/2019Reply Letter sent to Mrs. Teresa Devadas, Kodaikanal, Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-06-06 09:02:20
29/07/2019Letter sent to the K.Vellagulam Pastorate, Madurai Circle of Nagercoil SynodNagercoil2019-07-29 09:34:31
06/06/2019Letter sent to Ambur and Nagercoil SynodGeneral2019-06-06 08:27:29
29/07/2019Letter sent Rev. G.P. Thangadurai, Thuthipet – AAmbur2019-07-29 09:33:09
05/06/2019Letter sent to the few Pastorate of Ambur SynodAmbur2019-06-05 05:28:28
29/07/2019Letter sent to the Block Educational Officer, KGF & MysoreAmbur2019-07-29 09:31:33
05/06/2019Letter sent to 3 teachersNagercoil2019-06-05 05:20:33
29/07/2019Letter sent by Rev. G.P. Thangadurai, Thuthipet-AAmbur2019-07-29 09:26:43
04/06/2019IELC rewriting the own history in Kodaikanal –  Rev. T. Devadass (Retd.) Caveat – in three court namely Palani, Dindigul and Kodaikanal and Mrs. Therasa Devadass letterNagercoil2019-06-04 13:15:17
26/07/2019Letter sent to one Mr. Devarajan, AmburAmbur2019-07-26 10:00:28
03/06/2019A new history in Kodaikanal PastorateNagercoil2019-06-03 10:08:01
26/07/2019Letter sent to the Headmistress, Concordia Higher Secondary School, AmburAmbur2019-07-26 09:59:41
03/06/2019Action taken by Mr. S. Karnaraj, HM, Concordia Higher Secondary School, ValliyoorNagercoil2019-06-03 07:43:51
25/07/2019பெதஸ்தா மருத்துவமனை ஊழியர்களுக்கு செட்டில்மெண்ட்Ambur2019-07-25 10:57:35
31/05/201930.05.2019 : Letter sent to the Mylakkara Lutheran Church, Trivandrum SynodTrivandrum2019-05-31 10:04:50
25/07/2019Letter sent to the Teachers of the Concordia Higher Secondary School, ValliyoorNagercoil2019-07-25 09:07:32
31/05/201930.05.2019 : Trivandrum Synod CounsellingTrivandrum2019-05-31 10:03:26
25/07/2019Letter sent Rev. G.P. Thangadurai, Thuthipet – AAmbur2019-07-25 09:05:58
31/05/2019Rev. T. Devadass (Retd.) and Kodaikanal PastorateNagercoil2019-05-31 10:02:06
25/07/2019Letter sent to the Pilgrim Lutheran Church, BangaloreAmbur2019-07-25 09:05:27
31/05/2019Reply from the Otten Memorial School, Malappuram, KeralaTrivandrum2019-05-31 05:24:36
25/07/2019Letter sent to Christ the King Lutheran Church, MysoreAmbur2019-07-25 09:04:30
31/05/2019Letter from the DEO, Valliyoor – regarding the Correspondent for the Concordia Higher Secondary School, ValliyoorNagercoil2019-05-31 05:14:23
25/07/2019Letter sent to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Gundlupet, KarnatakaAmbur2019-07-25 09:03:33
31/05/2019Letter sent to Mr. S. Karnaraj, HM, Concordia Higher Secondary School, ValliyoorNagercoil2019-05-31 04:35:03