Letter sent to all Pastorates in all the 3 Synods pointing out that Assessment is not paid to CBO, Nagercoil and requesting to remit assessment from January 2019 by increasing the assessment by 25% over Gross Salary, If Gross Salary is higher than the assessment or to remit 25% over assessment, if assessment is higher than the Gross Salary.

It was pointed out that since Gross Salary is higher than the assessment, no PF amount is deposited in CBO, Nagercoil and more than Rs.2 Crs. towards PF amount is on record but not actually available.

It was also stated that a transfer policy relating to Pastors has to be evolved. It was informed that the Administrator will meet the Pastors and a Church Committee Member of each Pastorates in Nagercoil Synod and likewise in Trivandrum Synod in January 2019.