General Notice to All

We regret to inform the delay in uploading up to date mails, communication and whatever mentioned in the constitution and bye laws practised and advised by the former administrator.

All these delay are due to the lack of skilled manpower and administrative delay in allotting responsibilities, especially allotting online updating personnel.

As this is the first time the technical know how are usually take time to be acquainted with.

Once again we regret the delay and assure and hope that all the events and communication have been updated .

The Circle officials, Synod officials and IELC officials with the input from the all the churches and the church offices.

No detail should be ommitted. Each and every activity must be reported to the online uploading executive of the management committee.

Once again we reiterate you that as it is the new venture in IELC the errors may be ignored with kind consideration.

But, the transparency will always be maintained as God sees everything !

The success of future uploading relies on the swiftness and genuineness of the concerned church officials who interact with the Managing committe and online uploading communication.

God bless you all !
And cooperate with the administration to fulfill the sanctity of the constitution and bye laws amended !