Rev. Y. Suvisesha Muthu, President – IELC  sent a reply to Rev. Rajagambeeram by mail is as follow:

”  Dear Rev. Gambeeram,

Kindly note that I came to know about these issues two weeks back and made immediate inquiries and found a fraud letter was used to transfer the properties. We took immediate action and made arrangements to submit the documents to the IELC Administrator. The very next day copies of the documents started circulating in the internet, which clearly shows that some culprits are having the involvement  who want to grab the church properties. By this time you also should be knowing that huge amount of money was offered to Late Rev. Moon’s family if they handover the documents to someone in Vellore. But they refused. Now they are getting threat calls.
I agree it is every one’s responsibility to safe guard the church property, including the Ambur Synod, where the property is located. I think the Christ Lutheran Church Vellore congregation should file a complaint to the Administrator to take appropriate action.
In any event, I agree with Rev. Gopi that the matter should have been clarified with me or other officers before posting in the public domain. That only questions the purpose of doing it.
You know very well that our role in IELC Administration is much limited and more so that no one in the IELC is bothered to approach us.
I did not have much opportunities like you and other leaders to safeguard the IELC properties. For my part, I am doing whatever possible to defend the valuable Valliyoor property.
Now we requested the Honourable Administrator Justice Sri. Hariparanthaman, to recover the IELC Deaf School property and he will take appropriate action without fear or favor with the will and power provided by the Honourable High court. We also requested him to recover other such properties including Madurai and he is working on that.
Let us unitedly fight the land grabbing in IELC instead of blaming each other.
In Christ,
President, IELC. “