Though in the Transfer order dated 22.05.2019 posting Rev. A. Mohan as Pastor  of the Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Kodaikanal, it is clearly mentioned by the Administrator as follows :

” Note:  The Administrator, the President of the IELC and other Office Bearers of the IELC as well as the leaders of the other group namely Mr. Baul Sundar, Mr. Muthuraj, Rev. Ponnarasu, Rev. Sahayadhas, Rev. C. Ravi and Rev. Wilson will be present on 01.06.2019 at 11 AM.  ” for installation of Rev. A. Mohan, no Office Bearers of the IELC came to  Kodaikanal on 01.06.2019 for installation of Rev.A.Mohan and to retrieve the Church and other properties.

Mr. Karunakaran, Secretary to the Administrator, IELC came to Kodaikanal along with the Administrator though his Mother-in-Law was hospitalized and his wife left Chennai to visit her ailing mother,  and his commitment to carry forward the accepted task is appreciated and placed on record.

Besides, Mr. Karunakaran, Mr. Baul Sundar, Ex. General Secretary of the IELC, Rev.C. Ravi, Nagercoil Synod President (Rev. Suvisesha Muthu group), Mr. P.Manuel Yesuraj, Nagercoil  Synod Secretary (Baulsundar group) and Mr. Daniel, Office Assistant of the Administrator came to Kodaikanal on 01.06.2019.