Beloved in Christ,
We are proud to be members of the Lutheran Church, the first Protestant church in the world with a total of 77 million believers. We can thank God for enabling us to do that. Let the biblical saying that the righteous shall live by faith be heard.October 31, 1517 is a memorable day in history. Dr. MartinLuther, the leader of the church, from the superstitions and anti-biblical teachings that have entered the Christian Church. Martin Luther led the church to baptism. Christ brought the Christian church back to the Bible truths that salvation is by Grace alone, by Faith alone, by the Word alone, and by Christ alone.
Our Lutheran church history goes back more than a century. IELC Thiruvananthapuram Synod has organized the Lutheran Mahasangam to announce the presence of the Lutheran Church in Kerala. This prestigious initiative of the Lutheran Church, which will be held on December 9, 2023, is attended by heads of various churches and prominent people in social and cultural fields. Everyone is welcome to participate in this historic event.

Rev. M Mohanan
Synod President

A Pramod Kumar
Synod Secretary