‘Praise God’

Thanks to all the IELC officials, Managing committee members, CC Members,All three synods officials ,executive committee members,  IELC trust association directors , trust members and all church leaders .

IELC management has smoothly solved and settled the problem of many years in the last few days of consultations in Kodaikanal .
Although it is a new experience for everyone… many good things have happened….
The most important thing is that the Retired.Rev.Devadas who had retired for more than ten years, did not vacate the parsonage where he was staying and he was arrogant and said that he would go only if he was given compensation of a huge amount.

Our unity and coordination made this wonderful work possible

Congratulations to all who implemented the integration…
In addition to this, the events of Kodaikanal were mentioned as historical.

Congratulations to all…

Let’s consider it a gift for unity and integration…

Rev.Dr.Priestly Balasingh,


      Some Historical images