1.   It is true that some Retired Pastors are working in Trivandrum Synod due to shortage of Pastors.

2.   But in all those matters, it was made clear that the appointment of the Retired Pastor was on temporary basis, till a Serving Pastor was appointed. The remuneration of the Retired Pastor was fixed at Rs.7,500/-.

3.   In fact, I have appointed Rev. Sasipaul to the church at Aryanad.

4.   But, as you have objections for appointment of Rev. Lawerence, Aryanad church has refused to accept Rev. Sasipaul. Hence some other arrangement was made.

5.   In fact, I have no objection to continue Rev. Sasipaul in your church on temporary basis, till a Serving Pastor is appointed.

6.   I am taking steps for re-organization of Pastorates so that the IELC, Trivandrum Synod, would get surplus Serving Pastors, who would be appointed in the pastorates where the Retired Pastors are serving.

7.   Till such time, Rev. Sasipaul may continue in your church. But, he can not be continued until the construction of new church building is completed as it has no time limit.

8.   Kindly co-operate in the efforts taken by the Administration to bring small reforms.