Reply :
” You are aware that the Church Council Meeting held on 09.04.2019 as well as the joint meeting both the groups held on 02.04.2019 at 47, Eldams Road,Teynampet, Chennai – 18 that transfer of Pastors could be made in May 2019 in all the Synod by way of counselling. You also participated in the meeting held on 02.04.2019.
          Based on the same, Trivandrum Synod sent a list of Pastors who are to be transferred by counselling. The list sent by Trivandrum Synod is enclosed.
             However, today when Rev. R. Vijayakumar, General Treasurer met me in my residence along with Rev. Gopinathan, Secretary, they sought permission to transfer some Pastors. I told them that, if any transfer is made before the scheduled counselling in May 2019 then the counseling will be a farce one.  They agreed with my view.
             But, I have received a message from the other group that an order dated 22.04.2019 was passed by you as President of Trivandrum Synod of the IELC transferring one Rev. R.S. Manoj from Nedumkad Pastorate to Sreekaryam Pastorate, as per the decision of the the Trivandrum Synod Executive Committee dated 16.04.2019.
           In view of the aforesaid meetings, Trivandrum Synod cannot transfer any Pastor pending counselling. Hence I hereby direct you to recall the transfer order dated 22.04.2019 forthwith and the decision of the Trivandrum Synod dated 16.04.2019 on transfer is contrary to the decisions taken in the Church Council meeting and also the joint meeting of both the groups.
        Please report compliance immediately.”