The Administrator met Dr. Solomon Sathish Kumar, the Secretary of the CMC Vellore Association,  in CMC at Vellore on 12.06.2019 at 4 PM along with Mr. M. Karunakaran, Secretary to the Administrator, Rev. K. Victor, President, Mr. Robert Joel, Secretary and Mr.Immanuel Rajasegaran, Treasurer of the Ambur Synod.

Dr. Solomon Sathishkumar made it clear that the sponsorship programme for all the courses for the  year 2019-20 in CMC, Vellore was already over and the IELC cannot get the sponsorship privilege for the year 2019-20.

He further stated that the Inspection Committee would submit its report about the inspection on 12.06.2019  of the Christian Welfare Centre (CWC), Malappuram, Kerala, the hospital of the IELC to the Credential Committee, CMC Vellore Association.

This inspection is part of the sponsorship credentialing process to consider IELC’s request for restoring its sponsorship privileges, according to Dr. Solomon Sathishkumar.

The Credential Committee, after perusing the Inspection report, would give its report to the Executive Committee, CMC Vellore Association.

The recommendations of the EC of the CMC Vellore Association. about the restoration of sponsorship privileges to the IELC will be placed before the   CMC Association ordinary General meeting on 27th & 28th June 2019 at Vellore, wherein the Administrator participates on behalf of the IELC.

The General meeting of the CMC Association would decide about the restoration of sponsorship privileges to the IELC in future years.

Therefore, the Administrator, IELC makes its very clear that no sponsorship through the IELC to the CMC, Vellore could be made for the year, that is 2019-20, for any course.

The restoration of the sponsorship privileges for the future  to the IELC will be known only after the general meeting of the CMC Vellore Association on 27th & 28th June 2019.

Note: We place on record our appreciation to Mr. Jesudasan, an employee of the CMC and a member of the IELC,  for getting appointment with the Dr. Solomon Sathish Kumar, Secretary, Christian Medical College Association, Vellore.