LWF calls for scholarship applications in theology and diakonia

10 Aug 2023

Applications are open for the 2024 scholarship program and churches are invited to share details widely with candidates keen to pursue studies in theology and diakonia.

Scholarships provide support to individuals but also inspire and empower whole communities
(LWI) – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) welcomes applications for its 2024 scholarships program, offering support for candidates in member churches around the globe seeking to pursue studies in theology or diakonia and development-related subjects.

Applications can be made for regular diploma, bachelor, masters or PhD programs, as well as for short term scholarships that may be used for online courses, workshops, seminars or research projects. The latter are designed for church workers who can apply newly gained skills to benefit the daily work of the church or related institutions.

All applications must be endorsed by a candidate’s church leadership and must reflect the needs and priorities of that institution. Church leaders must show a commitment to engaging candidates as employees or volunteers after completion of the course and applications should be accompanied by a detailed description of how the skills acquired will serve to build capacity within the church.

Applications may be made for individual or group scholarships, with each LWF member church eligible to apply for five regular and two short-term scholarships. In the application process, LWF’s gender and youth quotas must be respected, both in the category of theology and diakonia. Candidates should be encouraged to pursue study courses in their home countries, unless there are valid reasons for an overseas application.

LWF’s scholarship program has been active since the 1950s, working alongside the churches to promote participatory leadership and strengthen missionary activity in the local context.

Interested candidates may touch these following links

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You may contact CBO for further assistance.


Rev.Dr.J.Priestly Balasingh ,

President IELC