LWF  Notification

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Greetings of peace to you from the LWF Communion Office in Geneva.


Please find attached the Annual LWF Scholarship Letter and other documents including copies of applications and budget sheets for your information. Kindly note that each LWF member church is eligible to apply 7 scholarships5 for regular and 2 for short-term scholarships from August 1st.


The link to the login page: https://webportalapp.com/sp/lutheran_world_multi. Please forward this link to selected candidate/s from your church. The scholarship portal has a multi-language feature. Users can have the option to enable a Google Translation by clicking the globe sign on the top of the page. Please note that the translation may not be completely correct.


After an application is completed, a ‘Church Review’ should be filled out. Please send us a name and email address of your church representative, who will review application/s, complete church review form/s and upload church endorsement letter/s signed by the church leader. We will send a link to the identified person to complete the form.


Please note that the submission deadlines: for applications on October 1st and church review forms on October 15th.


Warm regards,


On behalf of Rev. Katariina Kiilunen


Duangporn (Puk) Saussay

Program Support Officer, Capacity Building and Leadership Development

Department for Theology, Mission and Justice (DTMJ)


1692874214160_20230726 – DTMJ Scholarships –

01 Annual information letter – EN 

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